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Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg

Latest Fake News: Facebook battling fake news

Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg has made moves to look like he battling fake news, but his project is doomed to fail. First, Facebook is explicitly not banning fake news, nor is it banning individuals known to be 100% fake news purveyors. Second, Facebook has brought in “experts” to examine news to see if it is fake that are, in turn, Koch funded right wing/libertarian tools. Continue reading Latest Fake News: Facebook battling fake news

Lost in Space

Lost in space is a brilliant idea that has been done twice, both times deeply flawed, but it still remains a great idea.

The reason this is a great idea is because it places a group of people with sufficient internal conflict to be in a story, in a context where the writers can do pretty much anything they want. Star Trek, of course, did the same thing, with their voyage to wherever the writers imagine scenario. Continue reading Lost in Space

Measurements of the human male kakadodo organ, does it matter and why?

This is a repost of an item I put up in 2013 based on some interesting scientific research. Today, I was told by Google that if I do not take the article down, I will lose my ad sense qualification. Google and companies like Google are giant behemoths that do not have humans to whom one can talk when they do something boneheaded like this. So, I’ll unpublish the original item and post it here with a change in title. Also, words that might be interpreted by an unintelligent robot at Google as violating policy have been changed. Continue reading Measurements of the human male kakadodo organ, does it matter and why?

How to fix the fake-news problem.

Did you know that truck drivers in Puerto Rico did NOT actually go on strike during Hurricane Maria relief efforts? Or that a former Obama White House official did NOT actually confirm that they wiretapped Trump Tower? Or that the sexual misdeed accusations against former Senate candidate Roy Moore were NOT actually a setup? Or that the Nazi’s marching (and killing) in Chancellorsville was NOT actually a liberal false flag operation? Or, sadly, that it is NOT true that President Obama is running a “shadow government” in some hidden corner of Washington DC? NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT Continue reading How to fix the fake-news problem.

ResearchGate Under Law Suit Threat

I remember the moment it happened. It was a long moment, maybe ten years long. At one point I was sitting as an acting Senator in a major university’s legislature when a presentation was given by the head of the library, asking, begging, people to start publishing in peer reviewed journals that were Open Access. I had spent the morning sorting a list of journals in my field into the categories, 1) keep or I quit; 2) keep if possible and 3) I won’t notice if you don’t keep, but keep anyway.

That was near the end of the moment. Near the beginning of the moment, a decade earlier, I was at a meeting of a small but important learned society, and we were being given a presentation by a representative of one of the dozen or so well established academic publishers that normally published books, but now was starting to publish journals.

“Let us publish your journal,” they said. “It will be cheaper and easier than what you have now,” they told us. “If we publish your journal, for the next five years, your members will have subscriptions that will be discounted way below what they pay now,” we were led to believe. Continue reading ResearchGate Under Law Suit Threat