Global Warming vs. Climate Change

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using “Ice Age” as a control, Google N-Gram style:

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7 thoughts on “Global Warming vs. Climate Change

  1. The illustration is as useful as a picture of a cat unless very much more information is provided. At least 7 items of information that I can count are needed.
    There’s enough really crap charts and videos and claims out there alleging support for things, presented in a really bad way.

    Communication can be hard sometimes. I know that very well. But this isn’t even trying.
    Abject failure comes to mind. Print this out and drop it in front of a rational literate numerate adult and ask them explain with half a page what the image shows. 100 out of 100 are just gonna say wtf!
    What’s going on Greg?

  2. What do we want? /tornadoes, when do we want then – NOW!

    What do we want? /hurricanes, when do we want then – NOW!

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