Trump Tweet Word Cloud

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Based on the last ca 500 tweets. He has all the best words:

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6 thoughts on “Trump Tweet Word Cloud

    1. That is an insult to fifth graders.

      I wonder what his maths is like – troubled I would think.

      Has anybody challenged him to a chess match?

      Probably too much to expect that, all those weird pieces with their different moves much more taxing than a game of draughts (checkers in the US).

    2. One of the long-running “complaints” the tea-baggers had about President Obama (other than the primary complaint, his race) was that he talked like an “elitist”. Apparently “elitist”, in their world, was anyone with more than a high school education. Trump’s grade-school level writing and even lower level speaking skills appeal to them — he’s a “man of the people” despite never having worked a day in his life and having his fortune handed to him by his daddy.

      Don’t take the wrong message: poor vocabulary, horrible speaking skills, not having an advanced education do not individually or together automatically tell you someone isn’t a good person. Trump, and his followers, added the “shitty person all around” attributes on their own.

  1. I think the discussion of Trump’s language overlooks that Trump is more interested in conveying attitude than content, and he’s done that successfully. This is why he can contradict himself in a single sentence and get away with it. His ties to professional wrestling are well known, and he displays a political version of tough, confrontational wrestling rhetoric. A contributing factor is that Trump as a businessman represents glittering sleaze rather than substantive accomplishments: real estate, casinos, beauty pageants, reality TV. Pardon my elitism, but nothing he’s done expresses higher aims, and his narcissism pushes his self-promotion beyond the sleaze of more normal money-pushers.

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