30 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “There’s no need to let Russia back in, guys. Putin’s proxy Donald is sitting right in front of us. “

  2. “Mr Trump, Canada is going to build a border wall using the best German technology (sorry Japan), and you’re going to pay for it – all of it…”

  3. And by the way, you agreed at lunch that we’d split the tab. You owe us $8.57 for your stupid cheeseburger. Now pay up dammit!

  4. I don’t care that I’m an embarrassment to Americans who can think and who understand international trade issue: I have bigots, racists, and libertarians at home to keep happy. I’ll keep sitting here with my equally stupid minions while you folks realize facts, knowledge, and decency no longer mean anything to us.

  5. “Don’t worry Mr Trump, Canada’s best plumbers and surgeons are on their way to extricate your behind from the toilet.”

  6. (It’s interesting that the two ultra-right-wing trolls on this blog both default to “demand” as the first verb that crosses their minds. A psychologist would have a field day with this…)

    1. Make love not tariffs!

      Thanks to Bernard Jr, I avoided the use of demand and thus the
      sanction of trolling, as defined by the high-priest of the Church
      of Verbiage.

      Praise to the highest; our dear and beloved Language Gods.

    2. True, although they (and billyR: the stupidity level will really drop when he shows up) never do anything other than troll, due to their hatred of facts and thought.

    3. Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s everyone else who is crazed about Donald Trump and not looking at the photo.

  7. aww have a heart…. first Macron crushed his tiny hands with a real man’s handshake, then Trudeau gets all the sexy sexy coverage and finally he has to sit at a table with Merkel- a woman with even more education than Obama…. that’s a 911 call and a whaaaambulance and ‘i need my [sniff] safeplace ‘ if I ever saw one….

  8. Or perhaps it’s everyone else who is crazed about Donald Trump and not looking at the photo.


    Almost a record high for a stupid statement.

    1. Twas response to Bernard not you. The pic sure looks like one side is doing the speaking, demanding.

    2. The opportunity for humor in the photo lies in the nature of its tension and ambiguity. But that’s also what makes it a candidate for a kind of Rorschach test.

      It takes a certain amount of social awareness to construct a funny.

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