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Will Bachmann run for Congress or not?

Michele Bachmann
If Michele Bachmann plans to be president, why is she leaving the people in her district hanging?

If she does not become President of the United States and the Free World and stuff, that is.

Increasingly, as her apparent irrelevance in the presidential race, which has been very dissapointing to me, sets in and congeals like bad Minnesota Jello, this question becomes important. Is she or is she not going to run for re-election to Congress?

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Gobal Warming is Melting the Ice Caps

My first job as an archaeologist in Boston (having moved there from New York) had to do with Deer Island, the northern of two islands that separate Boston’s Inner and Outer Harbors. The actual archaeology was uninteresting but the historical research was fascinating. Among the things I learned is that Boston’s Inner Harbor regularly froze over. It no longer does. When the Continental Army placed the British in Boston under Siege at the beginning of the Revolution, the idea of holding off an assault until the harbor froze over was routine. No one expected the harbor to not freeze over. More recently, the harbor is generally open all winter, and when it does freeze over, it is a significant bother.
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