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Flynn will testify that Trump directed him to contact Russians

When I suggested several months ago that a document produced by a source that I knew independently to be good strongly suggested that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to alter the outcome of an American election, Scienceblogs shut me down, unposted the post, and made it impossible for me to access my account. I complained and they backed off, and I think the individual who did it was literally on drugs at the time, but still, it was the only time anything like that ever happened at Scienceblogs. And it was about Trump being guilty of collusion with Russia. I have not mentioned that before because I believed the individual who carried out this act was vindictive and I didn’t know if there was a link to the Republicans or some other entity, so I kept my mouth shut about it until the very last day that there could be any retribution. Scienceblogs stopped the redirect from the old site to my new blog yesterday.

And, almost to the day, the suggestion that Trump colluded with the Russians is again supported indirectly by things we suddenly know. Continue reading Flynn will testify that Trump directed him to contact Russians

Republican Leadership Tries To End Probe Into Trump

Were you thinking that the Republicans in Congress want to get to the bottom of the Russians stealing our election? That was never true, you were always wrong, it is time to stop pretending.

The document below can be found in PDF form here.

Here is Rachel Maddow’s take on it:

This is what dictators have their minions do.