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A way to match paint without cutting a chunk out of your wall?

… or furniture, or whatever.

I really needed one of these a few months ago. And I feel the need coming again soon as I do things to the walls of our new house, now and then.

The Color Muse is not a new technology or a new idea. It is a very expensive technology suddenly available for a few bucks.

The Color Muse is simply a hand held spectrometer that interfaces with your smart phone. You use it to get info about a color of wall paint (or something similar) that you can then take to the hardware store and match.

If you chunk out a bit of the wall, you can have the hardware store do it, using their fancy multi-gazzilion-dollar machine. That machine they’ve got probably works better. But this thing looks like it is good enough for most uses. And, at the price it is certainly worth a try.

Here is a very short video showing it in use:

I have not used this product, so I can’t vouch for it. If you have please let us know below what you think! The reviews look good, though.

I’ll probably get one. I’ll let you know.