A way to match paint without cutting a chunk out of your wall?

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… or furniture, or whatever.

I really needed one of these a few months ago. And I feel the need coming again soon as I do things to the walls of our new house, now and then.

The Color Muse is not a new technology or a new idea. It is a very expensive technology suddenly available for a few bucks.

The Color Muse is simply a hand held spectrometer that interfaces with your smart phone. You use it to get info about a color of wall paint (or something similar) that you can then take to the hardware store and match.

If you chunk out a bit of the wall, you can have the hardware store do it, using their fancy multi-gazzilion-dollar machine. That machine they’ve got probably works better. But this thing looks like it is good enough for most uses. And, at the price it is certainly worth a try.

Here is a very short video showing it in use:

I have not used this product, so I can’t vouch for it. If you have please let us know below what you think! The reviews look good, though.

I’ll probably get one. I’ll let you know.

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5 thoughts on “A way to match paint without cutting a chunk out of your wall?

  1. Yes, that’s a short video all right…

    I wonder how using the Color Muse differs from just taking a picture of the surface with your phone. Probably there would be an issue with color calibration, which the Muse is designed to obviate.

  2. Color temperature difference nightmares…

    Our eyes do so much that we take for granted that film & sensors do not.

  3. OK. I have to ask: Are you trying to match the color to do a repair job or what? If the wall has old paint, it will be extremely difficult to just cover a patch with a “matching” color.

  4. Calibration…
    temperature difference nightmare

    That’s one way to put it. And even for our eyes and brain, color is tricky stuff (check out the tons of color-based optical illusions). Among artists for instance, there tend to be more good draughtsmen than colorists. And viewers don’t all share the same range of sensitivities anyway.

    Remember this?

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