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Are health insurance companies pulling the wool over our progressive eyes?

A core Democratic Party value, it seems, is to not talk about health insurance reform. This is at odds with the rapidly developing grassroots movement that insists that we talk about almost nothing but health insurance reform, until we get it fixed. And, for a majority of Americans, fixing it means going to a universal, single payer plan. Continue reading Are health insurance companies pulling the wool over our progressive eyes?

Minnesota Candidate Proposes Cost-Cutting Single Payer Health Insurance Plan

And why not? Minnesota tends to lead when it comes to finding ways for government to do good.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto is running for Governor in Minnesota, and moments ago she announced the details of her much anticipated “Healthy Minnesota Plan.”

Here’s the link for the details.

Obamacare was good, better than what was there before, but it came out of the gate as a compromise between the usual opposing forces in Washington. Many of you not in Minnesota may not know this, but Continue reading Minnesota Candidate Proposes Cost-Cutting Single Payer Health Insurance Plan

Senate Health Care: John McCain is busy

John McCain has a good heath care plan, and if has his way, you won’t.

The Senator most often accredited for thinking for himself (that’s a lie) will vote with Russian agent Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans to take away Obama care. The moment he gets a chance.

However, he can’t right now because he is indisposed, recovering form surgery.

We at Greg Laden’s Blog wish Senator McCain a speedy recovery and hope he is well. But we also urge him to think about his privilege and not take access to the sort of health care he has from other Americans.

Speaking of the Russians, The Looking Glass War, the fourth George Smiley novel by John le Carré, in Kindle form, is currently and temporarily two bucks. Just thought you might like to add that to your collection.

The Republican Trump Health Insurance Plan Is Not Well Supported

In a current poll, 61% of Americans want to retain Obamacare, and improve this already implemented and existing program. A mere 37% want to “repeal and replace” it.

About 69% of American want the Republicans, including the Republican President, to to do some combination of working with Congressional Democrats or a combination of Democrats and Republicans to improve the plan. The preference for having the Democrats do this as opposed to a combination is about 2:1. People have apparently observed that the Republicans are not capable of coming up with a usable plan.

The Republicans, including the Republican President, seemed to threaten Obamacare a while back, saying that through executive order and cabinet level actions, they should damage the existing Obamacare plan to make it look bad so people want it less. A tad under 80% of Americans oppose this idea. A mere 13% support it.

One of the major changes in the newly proposed plan, which the Republican Congress and President intend to pass into law by Friday, is that states would have more power to ignore parts of the plan or change it. The new survey clearly indicates that Americans are very opposed to this idea, which is the main new feature of this plan. About 62% of Americans want things like preventative services, maternity and pediatric care, prescription drugs, etc to be covered in all states. About 70% want pre-existing conditions covered in all states.

This very negative view of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s version of a health insurance reform plan comes at the same time as parallel polling indicates that the Republican President is at this moment the least popular president known to polling science. There were a couple of real doozies in the past, but there is no polling data to show just how much the country disliked those individuals. For all the measured presidents, the current Republican president has the lowest ranking, and not by a small amount.