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Does Reuters proves that Fox News Viewers are Dumbasses?

Ninety percent of Fox News viewers believe that all of the founding fathers were born in the very country they founded, as post-embryos. Ninety four percent believe that Reagan lowered the National Debt and nearly 100% who receive Medicare oppose “socialized medicine.”

But you knew that. What you didn’t know and never suspected is that 15% of Fox News Viewers believe that George Washington defeated King George of England in a duel. Also, 70 percent believe that President Obama was born in Keny, and 38% believe that he was born in Indonesia, which means that -8% believe that he was born in the US.

And then, then it says “100% of Fox News viewers said they wouldn’t care if the entire country fell apart as long as Barack Obama isn’t elected to a second term.”

Oh wait, wait, this is satire. It’s not real

Or is it?

The Tea Party and The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Dan Satterfield further analyzes the recent Yale survey which shows a) if you remove Teabaggers form the Republican Party you get a more sensible group of Republicans and b) if you look just at the teabaggers you get, well, something rather scary.

Read about it here. The bottom line is this: When asked, in reference to evaluating relevant policy and science and stuff, if you “need any more information” to make an informed choice, the teabaggers say “no” in the majority, while other groups, even Republicans, are much more likely to desire to know more.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.