Sunday Connect The Dots

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And now a musical interlude …

Have a nice day.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Connect The Dots

  1. Raging Bee’s (not Raging Bees) comparison to the non-tear-gassing of Tea Party protests is more appropriate than the contrast with the Westboro Baptist Church protests.

    For two reasons:

    a) Although loud and obnoxious WBC make a point of generally not getting in anyones way or actually preventing people from getting around. Because that would be illegal and would therefore prevent them from earning a living.

    b) Which they do by suing those people and municipalities who step over the line. Tear gassing Fred Phelps would make his year*.

    WBC is not a protest group. They’re a legal practice.


    * Of course the lesson here is if you were tear-gassed or pepper-sprayed at an Occupy protest now is the time to ‘lawyer-up’.

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