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The Next Presidential Science Advisor

It is rumored that Donald Trump will pick Doctor Pee as his science adviser. Doctor who? This doctor.

Art Robinson wants to mix all the radioactive waste into water and distribute it in the oceans. He thinks AIDS is made up. Public schools should be abolished. A lot of crazy stuff that has become normal in the White House. He almost won a seat in congress in 2012. He was also the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party.

He also collects urine. Mine? No not mine, urine! It is part of his super secret research project, which he runs in his own home. He wants 50,000 volunteers to each send him one urine sample every six months, so that he can put the samples in his special machine and cure all diseases.

I believe that for the Trump Administration, Dr Art “Pee” Robinson is the perfect science adviser. What do you think?