A few words by Jon Lovett on the Hamas attack

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Every now and then, Jon Lovett issues a rant that I want to put down in a special font and post on the wall. Since I live alone, that normally does little good. So instead, I’ll direct you to one of these extended takes preserved on YouTube. This is Lovett’s on what is going on in the Levant, and I think it is worth listening to. (The rest of the podcast is great too but you don’t have time for that).

See esp after 7:10

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2 thoughts on “A few words by Jon Lovett on the Hamas attack

  1. Sorry. I was not impressed by this discussion and quit after about 15 minutes. Way too many typical far left-wing tropes and misapprehensions about the conflict in Israel and the characterization of Netanyahu for my taste.

    1. All due respect, I’m not sure how much “I stopped listening” goes with detailed criticism of what you didn’t listen to!??

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