Republicans suck: A tale of two voters

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Republicans want to destroy democracy. They have done a lot of damage to democracy, but they’ve not quite destroyed it yet. Fight back.

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2 thoughts on “Republicans suck: A tale of two voters

  1. The GOP attack on voters they don’t care for, in Georgia

    Pamela Reardon wants to stop Tamara Horne from voting.

    Reardon of Marietta, Georgia who is running for Vice-Chair of the state Republican Party, has filed a legal challenge to Horne’s vote — one of 32,379 voters in Cobb County Reardon has challenged under a little-noticed provision of Georgia’s new voting restriction law, SB202.

    Reardon, who admits she never met, called nor contacted Horne, accused the African-American of the felony crime of voting illegally because, Reardon says Horne, like the thousands of others Reardon has challenged, does not live in Cobb County.

    Uncovered: Illegal Attack on 364,000 Georgia Voters

  2. US democracy in peril as GOP plans to control the system.

    And so it barely made a ripple last week when a Texas congressman (and Donald Trump’s former White House physician) said aloud what’s supposed to be kept to a backroom whisper: Republicans intend to retake the US House of Representatives in 2022 through gerrymandering.

    “We have redistricting coming up and the Republicans control most of that process in most of the states around the country,” Representative Ronny Jackson told a conference of religious conservatives. “That alone should get us the majority back.”

    He’s right. Republicans won’t have to win more votes next year to claim the US House.

    Republicans can win the next elections through gerrymandering alone

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