Potpourri des journaux.

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South Carolina is worried about obtaining chemicals to use to kill people, so they are now adding the firing squad to their toolkit.

A Georgia cop who recently killed a black man in a Wendy’s parking lot has been restated to his job. Why? Because he was fired the day after the shooting, which is not proper due process. Everybody should get due process, even this cop. Not providing due process for him led to him getting re-hired. That was a noob move and should not have happened.

The state senate in Texas has passed a bill that essentially removes requirements for owning a gun.

I noticed news reports that Space X has landed a rocket ship “and it didn’t explode!” I don’t remember news reports about the Space Shuttle that said “Space shuttle lands and it didn’t crash!” even though it actually did that once (crashed into the atmosphere). Is this a new way or reporting or is this a new way of thinking about space technology and risk?

One of four young men, white, early 20s, living in conservative areas of Minnesota, has been sentenced (the others have been or will be) for burning down a police department in Minneapolis during the uprising following the death of George Floyd. They were Bugaloo Boys. Even today, in the mighty white suburbs and elsewhere, “rioters” who were said to be protesting the death of Floyd are accused of burning down the police station. They did not do that. White supremacists from out-state Minnesota came into town and did that. Not remembered by most, other white supremacists intent on starting a race war came to town to cause trouble during protests related to an earlier killing, of Jamar Clark, in 2015. They hung around the demonstration for a couple of days wearing masks (including Guy Fawkes masks), and then one of them emptied a handgun into the crowd of peaceful protesters. No one was killed but there were injuries.

This is a little strange: a trucker was being inspected by troopers near Rochester MN the other day (routine) and the driver took out a gun and shot himself in the head. Twice.

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce, but Bill has asked for privacy so we won’t talk about that.

Mothers day thought 1: Why is it that in most movies or other stories, the mother is either fierce or dead?

Mothers day thought 2: Please remember that not everyone loves mothers day. For many, it is a trigger.

I predict we will start seeing days, in individual US states (lower population ones first?) of zero PCR confirmed Covid-19 cases some time next month, certainly in July.

And now, watch this:

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8 thoughts on “Potpourri des journaux.

  1. Harry Potter’s mother, Lily, was first fierce, then dead. Classic children’s stories often focus on orphans, which increases the child’s troubles and agency, both good for plot and interest. Good examples: Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath (if not fierce, at least sturdier than the Men), Cinderella. Exceptions to the fierce or dead rule: Little House on the Prairie, All in the Family, Hunger Games, The Joy Luck Club, The Poisonwood Bible.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Have you read or heard of the Mr. Benedict society? Many, many dead mothers across several books.

      Bambi, of course, is archetype. Or, something in Greek mythology.

  2. Bambi, of course, is archetype.

    I did not see Bambi until I was well into my 30s, almost 40.

    I did, however, see Bambi Meets Godzilla many times before that.

    I still prefer it over the Disney film.

    1. There’s also Bambi’s Revenge. I couldn’t find that on YouTube, however — not the original version.

  3. Yep, Dean — that’s it. What an interesting coincidence! Jung might have called it synchronicity.

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