A chilling reminder that Republicans can not be trusted under any circumstances. Ever.

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Watch every minute and listen to every word of each of these, and then find in yourself the time, resources, and will to fight for the life of this country. This is not over. This is just beginning.

Are you represented by a Republican? Contact your Republican representatives and tell them that they must step aside because they can no longer be trusted to do the work of democracy.

Are you represented by a Democrat? Contact your Democratic representatives and tell them that they have to develop and maintain, long term, a strong and uncompromising response to the Republcian insurgency. No weakness. No cold feet.

Pay special attention to what Representative Porter says in the third video (but only after watching the first video, please.)

My response to her will be found in the following open letter:

To Representative Katie Porter,

McConnell is not being truthful, McCarthy will not stand up, and his Republican colleagues will not hold him to account. Your recent comments on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show demonstrate that you did not absorb the life lesson of hiding with Representative Ocasio-Cortez while she feared for her life on 1/6. It was nice if you to loan her a pair of running shoes so she could hope to get away from the Republcian insurgents, but you did not seem to fully grasp the shocking meaning of that fact.

They. Were. Going. To. Kill. Her.

And if they caught her and you happen to be there, they would have killed you as well, as you should have assumed.

You, now, are expecting Republicans to do the right thing. This is naive. You need to understand that there is no line between the mob that invaded our Capitol, your elected colleagues who gave them tours while they planned the insurrection, your colleagues who during the insurrection were helping that mob zero in on their targets, or who were not wearing masks in a crowded room, and the leadership in the Republcian Party. No line.

You need to understand this, because you and your Democratic colleagues need to do your job to protect the Republic from what is likely a continuing insurrection.

You and most of your Democratic colleagues have spent too much time giving lip service to bipartisan efforts to have not noticed that for major issues, and often minor ones too, there has not been a bipartisan reality in the US Congress since the right wing decided to punish centrist and liberals alike for electing a Black president, and especially since the Republicans in Congress found their ultimate cult leader in Donald Trump.

I’m disappointed that Lawrence O’Donnell did not point this out to you.

I’m a good Democrat, and I’ll have your back. But until you and other Democrats grasp the significance of the sea change that has happened in this country, I’ll have your back only until a better alternative comes along. This is why we have endorsements and primaries.

Good luck, and may the scales of wishful thinking fall from your eyes sooner than later!

Greg Laden

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67 thoughts on “A chilling reminder that Republicans can not be trusted under any circumstances. Ever.

  1. Good plain speaking letter.

    We’ve known republicans can’t be trusted since reagan. It’s only because he didn’t have social media to amplify his message that it wasn’t this bad in his time (but it was pretty bad when he was around.)

  2. I agree with the general thoughts of your letter, Greg. I also thought there was a naïveté and emotional disconnect shown by Katie Porter during the O’Donnell interview. It was if the sneakers were give to AOC to make her feel more calm rather than as a proactive step taken to potentially save her life. I know that Katie Porter left a marriage that was physically and emotionally abusive. While that would not excuse her comments regarding Mitch M and the Republicans, I have to wonder if the emotional disconnect might be a protective response that she brings with her from her marriage. As for why she thinks that Republicans might stand up and act responsibly, well…….no idea on that one. I thinks she’s flat out wrong.

  3. The more we learn about the 6 January 2021 insurrection, the more sinister it becomes. There is evidence of advance planning by far-right groups as early as November 2020. There is evidence of people like Mike Lindell providing funding. There is evidence that three Republican congressmen may have been involved.

    I believe that President Biden has called for a commission, somewhat like the 9/11 Commission, to investigate. There will certainly be ongoing investigations by law-enforcement organizations.

    I haven’t watched this Frontline documentary yet. But I will.


    1. I hope that I will be able to watch ‘Trump’s American Carnage’ this side of the pond at some time.

      …the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

  4. As regards Republican members of Congress in general, the picture is grim. The great majority of them care more about getting and keeping power than about doing the right thing — more about party than country. Over the past 30 years, shamelessness grew in them like a cancer until now they seldom bother to hide their intentions.

    Along with many, I thought the insurrection might shock them back to reality. And there were some immediate signs that it had. But those quickly faded as their fealty to Trump returned. It seems they cannot imagine a world in which he doesn’t call the shots — even if he is out of office.

    President Biden gives us hope. However, our troubles with Trumpism are not over.

  5. I love the new use of the Q

    I’m not sure if I like QOP or GQP better. I guess it would help to know what the G stood for in each case.

  6. I seem to remember ZeroHedge as a right-wing site. That memory might be incorrect.

    Be that as it may, Tyler Durden just puts up a bunch of tweets and quotes from news sorces without much indication of which should be relied on.

    Nancy Mace was criticizing media accounts that got things wrong: For example, the Newsweek claim that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said rioters broke into her office.

    1. Zerhohedge was (as far as I know still is) a haven for extreme libertarians. They started with crap “information” about financial issues but strayed to conspiracies and a strong pro-russian point of view.

      In other words, the type of site rickA and mikeN would frequent for “insight”.

  7. In other words, the type of site rickA and mikeN would frequent for “insight”.

    Having read through it that is why I commented, it being bilge.

  8. What will stun me for a long, long time is how 74 million plus people could cast their vote not only for a repugnant, lying ignoramus, but one whose operatives dismantled, disabled or destroyed one federal agency after another, gutting humane programs that protected working people, the poor, children and the environment. Trump’s fascists turned one important agency after another into impotent ‘window jobs’, where federal employees tasked with protecting the vulnerable and the environment twiddled their thumbs all day and had little or nothing to do. He created the most business-oriented regime in US history, putting corporate lobbyists in charge of government agencies. He gutted the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, watering down hundreds of regulations protecting workers on shop and factory floors and turned the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau into an agency that instead prioritized the interests of bankers and rich investors. Worst of all, many in his Party lined up behind him in covering not only for his destruction of government, but in defending one lie after another that spewed from Trump’s mouth after he clearly and decisively lost the November election. The fact that tens of millions of dupes like the two usual suspects on here (who have gone into their respective shells after the Republican shenanigans of the past 2 months) voted for a despicable man, in spite of the fact that his administration was harming them, is truly frightening. The worst thing is that around 60% of Trump voters not only believed every single lie that came out of his mouth, but they still support him. Despite everything he has done, his abominable handling of the pandemic, his sedition, his embracing of conspiracy theories, and more, the internet is still full of slavish Trump worshippers. I find it shocking.

    1. Jeffh

      Ignorance is dangerous, wilful ignorance more so. Recently when engaging with people on topics such as this pandemic, climate change, environmental destruction I, by providing quotes and references, end up with the response ‘I don’t have time to read’, being thrown my way. There is the problem, compounded by the poor literacy rates across many US states due to the malfeasance of boards of education and lack of across the Union standards [1]. That of course went to the very top in Trump’s maladministration with Betsy DeVos.

      Edmund Burke or George Santayana, and clearly others had a saying:


      [1] I studied comparative education at Uni in the early 1980s – this after two decades in the RN’s FAA as an aircraft engineer — it is from amongst my one time service colleagues that I get much of the push back against studying anything, sometimes they flounce off muttering about my thinking my sources are more credible than theirs.

    2. Lionel, I found it amusing that scrolling down the list you link to this appears:

      “Bigotry against any group should be disqualifying for high office.”
      ? Alan Dershowitz

      I know we can’t expect any semblance of integrity from dershowitz, but I do wonder how he squares that with his support of the doubly impeached nazi supporter.

    3. You are not the only one. I’m astounded, and not in a good way. As a former educator, it is particularly saddening that people will cling to lies so strongly when there is massive evidence of their falsity.

  9. I see from the comments that I have been missed (I am joking!). I am still here, reading. But I have been quiet, lately.

    Why? Because I am depressed. I am sad Trump lost. If Trump had avoided saying even 5 of the stupid things he said, I suspect he could have won. So the loss was totally self-inflicted and unnecessary (and that is sad). I am sad at how Trump handled his loss (which was badly). I am sad that none of the allegations have really been investigated. I am sure 95% of the allegations are bullshit – but what about the other 5%? It would be nice to check and verify that no state was wrongly decided due to just enough voter fraud.

    I really wonder how many people voted twice, by voting in two different states. No proof that this happened – just idle suspicion and curiosity. It is just not checked for, at either the state level and certainly not at the Federal level – so I would love to see an investigation on that issue. The election was so close in so many states, that even 20,000 people doing this could have changed the results – and that is sad and depressing to even think of as a possibility. It is even sadder that our election system is so non-transparent that I can even still wonder if any fraud happened sufficient to change the results of any state, or even of four or five states. It is sad that nothing seems to being done to fix this for future elections. Really we shouldn’t wonder if anybody voted twice – we should know that the moment it happens – whether it is in two precincts, two states or even just by mail-in ballot and in person. Ditto for dead people voting and non-eligible people voting – it should be caught immediately and either sorted out and fixed or the vote discarded.

    Changing the rules right before an election is a bad idea – can we agree on that? Waiving legal requirements, like matching signatures is a bad idea – can we agree on that? Change the law – sure – but don’t just ignore it. I would venture to say that massive mail in ballots is a bad idea in general, unless a state has really cleaned up their voter database (which only a few states which already vote by mail in ballot have done). I think the state of most voter databases is pretty sad and I would really like to see that cleaned up before the next election.

    So I am sad about all that. I am also sad about the lawbreaking on Jan. 6th. With that said – I don’t believe that Trump incited an insurrection, or even the lawbreaking of the 6th. If Trump’s speech can be considered to have incited lawbreaking on the 6th, then many democrat politicians should be guilty of inciting lawbreaking during the BLM and antifa riots and lawbreaking.

    I am also sad about cancel culture in general, which has now turned to cancelling your own. The New York Times reporting being cancelled for using the N word to ask a question about another’s use of the N word is an example of that. So sad that businesses cancel and fire people over stuff like that. Like the University professor getting fired for reading the N word in a case that used it – in a discussion about the N word. It is crazy that we cannot even talk about the N word and use the N word in that context. Sure, calling people names can be a firing offense. But talking about the use of a namecalling word and then getting fired for using the namecalling word in that context? Just stupid (if you ask me).

    So I am a bit down about all that.

    But with that said – I am still here and will be chiming in when I feel strongly enough about what is being said.

    1. More complete lies and fabrication by the primary right wing conspiracy theorist and liar posting here. You even manage to bring your lies and racist comments about BLM and anfita in, despite there being no evidence to support your bullshit. I’m not even sure what you’re on about with your “n word” crap, but it’s 100% sure the truth is the opposite of what you imply it is.

      But you never have evidence for anything, only lies, misrepresentation, and racism. Scum like you never change rickA, and your like will continue to contaminate humanity in general, and the United States in particular, for long time. You, and others like you, really are a stain on society.

    2. Re “what about the other 5%? It would be nice to check and verify that no state was wrongly decided due to just enough voter fraud.”

      Were you so worried about fraudulent votes after the 2016 election? I doubt it, but that was the one I would have liked to see checked. Republicans have a long record of cheating every way they can. More than one of Trump’s inner circle, the ones who ended up convicted by juries (and then pardoned), were with him in 2016, including dirty tricks specialist Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn, so tainted with Russian sympathies that he had to be fired from his high security job by President Obama.

  10. RickA, you are sad Trump lost because you are a fool. You supported a man and a Party straight out of the Handmaid’s Tale. Like 74 million other Americans who remarkably voted for a complete idiot, a clueless moron, you voted for a party and President that support and espouse racism, embrace wacky and dangerous conspiracy theories and quite openly ignore science. Trump wanted to take the US back to the Jim Crow era of segregation. That you are ‘depressed’ because the lying, narcissistic seditionist lost reveals everything we already knew about you on this blog.

    Of course Trump incited the mob on January 6th. It is a slam-dunk. The man needs psychological treatment or, better still, a jail cell, given the crimes he and his goons committed. What’s worse is that, after the election, as tens of thousands of Americans were dying from a pandemic that was greatly worsened by Trump’s rank incompetence, the ignoramus did precisely zero to prepare for the most effective distribution of vaccines that would save countless lives. Instead, the warped idiot spent his days either ranting on Twitter about the election being ‘rigged’, sending armies of lawyers to try and overturn the results of the election he clearly lost decisively, or played golf. The fact is that the bloated orange monster only cares about himself. He only plays to his base because he needs them. The truth is that he loathes every single one of the clowns who showed up to worship him at one of his mega-infectathon rallies.

    No, we will never agree on anything. The voting rules were changed marginally because of the pandemic. Many of the states that changed them were Republican. Mail-in or drop-off voting is neither unusual nor prone to fraud. The election was completely fair and transparent. If any party cheated, it was the Republicans. In states with Republican legislatures attempts were made to hamper voting by mail or in drop-off boxes, because the Republicans knew that more Democrat supporters vote this way. Even now, 28 Republican states are trying to re-write voting laws making it more diffucult to vote except in person. The reason is obvious – the Republicans know that they will probably never again win the popular vote. They haven’t in 32 years. So they are trying to fiddle with the system in every way they can to cling to power. That is all that matters to most of the GOP – power. The party is rotten from top to bottom.

    And you are depressed because a lying creep was elected out? Wtf is wrong with you?

    1. It’s also worth noting that trump’s clown posse of lawyers never presented any evidence for their claims: the two (or was it three?) times the courts where they tried to file their documents asked for supporting evidence they withdrew their filings.

      Yet mental midgets like rickA continue to “hypothesize” that there was rampant fraud, and that there were “many problems”. We all know what he means by that: too many poor and non-white people voting.

      But racists and bigots he support are trying to limit voting in many places. Odd how he doesn’t care about threats to democracy when they come from the right (where almost all seem to come from) or the russians (who were behind much of trump’s success).


  11. I think it is interesting to see if the impeachment trial in the Senate is constitutional.

    Article 1, section 3, clause 6 “. . .When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: . . .”

    The Chief Justice is not presiding. Why? Because a President is not being tried. A former President is being tried. If the President was being tried Roberts would have to preside, instead of Leahy. So we know the President isn’t being tried. A private citizen is being tried for impeachment. Is that proper? I don’t think so.

    Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. . .

    Note the AND. The President SHALL be removed from office on for, AND Conviction. Since the PRESIDENT cannot be convicted (since no president is being tried) – I don’t think this trial in the Senate is constitutional.

    It seems to me that the only way a President can be impeached and removed is if the President is still a President during the entire process. Impeachment of and conviction for high crimes and misdemeanors. That didn’t happen here.

    I guess we will see what Leahy says about all these issues. I wonder if Trump can appeal to the Supreme Court?

    Anyway – interesting legal issues for us lawyers.

    1. Anyway – interesting legal issues for us lawyers.

      Maybe for those lawyers who like to allow felons to escape justice on a technicality. Whatever impeachment process began before Trump left office, your waffling about ‘the whole process’ is just that waffle and a particularly egregious form of waffle at that.

      Still trying to put lipstick on a pig eh RickA. Be careful doing that, you may get a nasty fart blown in your direction with this particular anally retentive felon. Cue stuff about being innocent until proven guilty. This in spite of the clear evidence that Trump did incite that Capitol attack.

    2. “Maybe for those lawyers who like to allow felons to escape justice on a technicality.”

      Well, rickA isn’ a lawyer who actually works with criminal behavior, so this whole thing is a confusing issue for him.

      Of course, his love of authoritarianism, racists, neo-nazis, discrimination, and the other things that his hero trump believes in blinds him to criminal behavior by his chosen leader. Personal responsibility is not something libertarians believe in for themselves or others in their group.

    3. dean:

      It is true that I don’t practice criminal law. But if Trump’s behavior is actually criminal, then after Trump is acquitted in the Senate, the States and/or the Feds should charge him with his alleged criminal actions.

      We will see. But I don’t think giving a speech at a protest is a criminal action. I don’t think believing the election was stolen from you is a criminal action. I don’t think telling people to peacefully protest is a criminal action. Why I don’t even think telling people they have to fight is a criminal action. It should be interesting to see what the various jurisdictions do after Trump is found not guilty in the Senate (again).

    4. It is not usually a winning strategy to contradict Constitutional scholars and they, even right wing types, seem to disagree with you. The Constitution not only does not say that such a trial cannot be done but it even provides a punishment beyond removal for such an occurrence.

      If you bothered to watch the first day of Trump’s record-setting 2nd impeachment, all of your concerns about the Constitutionality of this Senate trial were addressed with actual quotations from the relevant parts of the Constitution, statements made by the framers of the Constitution, and relevant historical evidence.

      The last time Trump appealed to the Supreme Court did not work out well for him. Were you also a fan of that the case for Trump that time too? Personally, I hope is given his due punishment and that he does appeal. Lawyers tend to follow the laws and precedents whatever their ideology. He’ll likely get the bum’s rush again.

  12. Another interesting AND:

    Article I, section 3, clause 7: Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, AND disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: . . .

    Again – it reads that you have to be in office to be removed from office AND disqualified to hold future offices.


    1. ” I don’t think telling people to peacefully protest is a criminal action”

      He didn’t say peacefully protest you congenital liar.

    2. As always, RickA, you are full of crap. There is clearly something wrong in your head. Some of the garbage that you write on here is beyond cringe inducing. Trump talks about ‘peacefully marching to the Capitol’ but surrounds that with incendiary rhetoric that he damned well knew would incite violence. And not only him but the goons he surrounded himself with. ´Trial by combat´ Guilianli screamed.

      Trump ranted at the rally with the usual lies, ‘We won this election and we won it by a landslide’ he yelled. This lie was his serial post-election loss whinge. He lost decisively. No ands, ifs or buts. He lost by seven million plus votes. Given what a train wreck his administration was, it should have been larger. But the ignoramus is unable to accept defeat, so he went on with this nonsense for week after week after week.

      ‘We will stop the steal!’. How was he expecting his mob of morons to do that? Of course he was egging them on.

      ‘We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen!’. Again, egging on his mindless mob.

      ‘If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore!’. What is this supposed to mean then Mr. lawyer? He is telling a mob of sycophants to fight. What does he expect them to do at the Capitol Building? Have a barbecue?

      ‘We are going to the Capitol’. Of course, the bloated coward had no intention of going there. He sneaked off to the White House to cheer on the violence on TV. Aides say that he watched on TV with delight as the insurrection unfolded. Listen to the chants and rants of the mob once they breach the Capitol Building. They were looking for Pence, Pelosi, AOC, anyone they deemed to be a ‘traitor to the cause’ and it seems inevitable that they would have lynched them. Apparently Pence escaped by only two minutes. The mob of rioters did not make the decision to storm the building on their own. They were clearly encouraged to do it. Trump extolled them on and like the mindless mob they are, they obeyed their master.

      Trump’s notorious phone call to the top election official Brad Raffensberger of Georgia alone is impeachable on its own. Trump was telling Raffensberger to overturn the results by miraculously coming up with the 11,780 votes that would give him the state. Raffensberger recorded the call for posterity. He knew that Trump was going to pressure him and he wanted the world to hear it. Bear in mind that Raffensberger is a former Trump acolyte who is no angel. Quite the contrary. But Trump even went well beyond his own pathetically low standards.

      What is more bizarre than ever is how RickA continues to defend the indefensible. Dean nails it when he says this is all about white privilege. Trump won the election narrowly among Caucasian voters but lost significantly among all other minority groups. This is what irks and angers the Trumpists. They want to disenfranchise non-white members of the electorate. White privilege and deep-rooted racism underpin Trump’s cult base. They don’t even hide it. Trump is the worst POTUS ever by a country mile, one who dismantled and disabled one humane program after another. He turned government into Trump Inc. Again, they did not even conceal their agenda. That 74 million airheads voted for this monster is what defies belief.

    3. Re “it reads that you have to be in office to be removed from office AND disqualified to hold future offices.”

      Of course it does, but that statement was giving the maximum punishment that could be inflicted on someone in public office: removal AND disqualification for office afterward. That says nothing about, nor does it logically imply, that disqualification can only be considered for someone holding the office at the time. They were literate men and I’m sure if that was what they meant they would have said so.

    4. Re “It should be interesting to see what the various jurisdictions do after Trump is found not guilty in the Senate (again).”

      I’m hoping that the state of Georgia will prosecute Trump for attempting to interfere with an election. That is against Georgia state law and Donald Trump did just that during his hour-long phone call haranguing the Georgia A. G. “to find” a particular number of votes to allow a Trump victory by one vote.

    5. “all of your concerns about the Constitutionality”

      There’s the issue. rickA has never been concerned about the Constitution, or the country, only what he wants them to be. Hence his willingness to lie about what trump said and did at the rally and the 4 years of his presidency. It’s why he pushes for disenfranchising millions of people who vote “the wrong way” or aren’t white men or both. He hides it with concerns about fraud in spite of the fact there is no evidence at all to support the occurrence of the issues he raises.

      As we’ve known for some time, he doesn’t really care for the country or society: only himself and punishing others for not being like him

  13. Of course the trial is constitutional you twerp. Trump committed seditious acts while he was President. His guilt is a slam-dunk. The only reason that skunks like Johnson, Brooks and worst of all Hawley and Cruz defend the monstrous ignoramus is because they want to co-opt the numbskulls which constitute his ‘base’. I guess that means simpletons like you, RickA. Despite everything the narcissistic liar has done, if an election were held tomorrow you’d vote for the hideous creature again. This shows that democracy has risks, when clueless right wing morons vote for a lying, corrupt, despicable human being whose ego is all that matters to him. Worst POTUS in US history by miles.

    Trump incited the riotous mob to invade the Capitol Building. As Carl Bernstein said recently, Nixon’s Watergate Hotel break-in pales in comparison. It is the most seditious act by a sitting POTUS in US history. Impeachment would be inevitable if the GOP was not rotten to the core.

    Amanda Marcotte lays out the facts perfectly here in these two Salon articles.



    The only reason Trump will be acquitted by the Senate is because the GOP is more loyal to Trump than to their party or to democracy. They are scared of alienating his base if they vote to convict. So they do everything they can to appease the bloated liar. The worst thing is that pretty much everyone predicted that Trump would get his operatives to try and fix the election by making postal balloting as difficult as possible. When he lost anyway, they predicted that Trump would throw an epic temper tantrum and refuse to accept the results. They predicted that he would use every means possible, legal, borderline legal, and ultimately illegal to cling to power. Everything they predicted came true. Of course Trump lost decisively. There were no irregularities or inconsistencies. The election was probably the most secure in the country’s history. But Trump’s narcissism is so pathological and deeply rooted that he would not accept defeat. To him, losing is not an option. I win fairly or I cheat to win. The phone call to the attorney general of Georgia, asking him to conjure up enough votes to give him the state, is beyond belief – except for Trump. The US constitution seriously needs a rewrite to prevent a moron like Trump ever being elected again and being able to hold power for 70 days after losing an election. In Britain, the new PM is in power several days after the election. In France, it is 10 days. Enduring 70 days of Trump’s endless lies and whinging about the ‘rigged election’ and his failed lawsuits and listening to scum like Guiliani, Lindell and Powell was nauseating. Trump should never be allowed to run for office again. The upside is that he is obese and lives on junk food and will probably be in no shape to run again is 2024. He should actually be in prison by that time if there is any justice.

    Some of the anti-environmental bills he rushed through as a bloated duck were appalling. Hopefully all reversed by Biden. He delisted gray wolves as an endangered species even though there are only around 6000 of them in the lower 48 states. He pushed a bill to make it possible for energy exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He essentially tore up a longstanding law protecting migratory birds. All payback for his corporate masters.

    1. Trump incited the riotous mob to invade the Capitol Building. As Carl Bernstein said recently, Nixon’s Watergate Hotel break-in pales in comparison. It is the most seditious act by a sitting POTUS in US history. Impeachment would be inevitable if the GOP was not rotten to the core.

      Indeed, Jeffh, PowerPoints turn up that demonstrate how Republican operatives were trying to undermine the election result.

      Senators and members of Congress should first be briefed about foreign interference, the PowerPoint said, at which point Trump could declare a national emergency, declare all electronic voting invalid, and ask Congress to agree on a constitutionally acceptable remedy.

      The PowerPoint also outlined three options for then vice-president Mike Pence to abuse his largely ceremonial role at the joint session of Congress on 6 January, when Biden was to be certified president, and unilaterally return Trump to the White House.

      Pence could pursue one of three options, the PowerPoint said…

      Capitol attack panel obtains PowerPoint that set out plan for Trump to stage coup

      There is no room to argue that Republicans and Trump were trying to protect democracy, quite the reverse. It is a sad, and worrying fact that the UKs mini-Trump (aka Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson ) is leading an administration hell bent on removing human rights protections and opening ways to deport, or incarcerate, those who criticise their dangerous, damaging and cruel policies.

    2. Yup Lionel, as is clear to rational people, trump and everyone who supports him form the greatest current threat to the nation’s democracy.

    1. Sure sign that Republicans don’t believe in fair elections using sly tricks to promote voter suppression.

  14. More on that coup attempt and how morally bankrupt are those that refuse to accept it as a coup.

    That the goal was a coup is a solemnly horrifying fact. That those who orchestrated it and those who have excused and dismissed it afterward continue to conspire against the rule of law and the right of the people to choose their leaders is another such fact. Documents such as the Powerpoint presentation turned over to the 6 January commission by Trump’s then chief of staff Mark Meadows confirm the details and build our understanding of the threat. On the basis of sometimes ridiculous pretexts, the circle around then President Trump intended to steal the election and seize power. Many, including Utah senator Mike Lee and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, reportedly knew the agenda.

    That few Republicans would defend the US constitution, the voice of the voters, and the orderly transition of power was also obvious. At 1.09pm that day, the Capitol Police Chief said he wanted to declare an emergency and call in the National Guard. At 1.11pm, Trump ended his speech with the words “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore…” At 1.12pm, two of America’s slimiest elected officials, Congressman Paul Gosar and Senator Ted Cruz, were objecting to certifying Arizona’s electoral votes. Gosar, according to two participants in the riot, seemed to know what was coming and had promised “blanket pardons”.

    And it isn’t over yet.

    America witnessed a coup attempt. Now it’s sleep-walking into another disaster

  15. And how many of these Republicans who are collaborating on the post-coup coverup* campaign were among those who spoke repeatedly during the 2016 primary season that Trump was going to be the nadir of the Republican party? He has got to have them by some short hairs through blackmail, or some other issue that keeps them falling in line for a guy who can’t draw a crowd unless the event is free.

    If you listen to podcasts, today’s NYTimes “The Daily” on the Steele Dossier is pretty good on how the Republicans were able to steer the conversation away from the real issues of Russian interference towards the Steele Dossier.

    *denial and dismissal, but I wanted to use “Coverup” because it is alliterative to collaborating and coup.

  16. A little more evidence that the qop is flat out endorsing the downfall of democracy.

    NV Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant admits that there is a “coalition of America First Secretary of State candidates around the country” that is working “behind the scenes to try to fix 2020 like President Trump said.”

    And scum like rickA support these bastards.

    1. Really good speech by Biden about trump’s terrorists on 1/6/21 and the behavior of him and his butt-lickers. I would quibble about his comment that “the Republican Party no longer wants to be the party of Reagan” — they are currently exactly what reagan was pushing for: a group based on racism, misogyny, discrimination, and dishonesty.

      Also: it didn’t take long for the disgraced president and proud traitor trump to lie and complain about biden naming him in his speech: that didn’t happen.

  17. Not a surprise at all that all of the QOP reps who suck up to the twice impeached grifting former president didn’t show up for the moment of silence in the House Chamber this morning — Liz Cheney was there.

    Big surprise that Dick Cheney was there with daughter Liz. They were the only two (probably former in the eyes of most modern right-wingers) republicans there.

    Being republican is now clearly the sign of being on the side of destroying the country in exchange for power.

  18. The dire potential from conscienceless Republicans is exemplified by the behaviour of Mitch & co.

    McConnell and McCarthy have shamelessly put party ahead of country and ambition ahead of duty, setting up alarming ramifications for the future. Scientists have said for years that humanity faces a climate emergency and only rapid, far-reaching action can preserve a livable planet. On the first anniversary of the 6 January attack, it’s clear the United States also faces a democracy emergency as well. Only rapid, far-reaching action can preserve a government that is of, by, and for the people.

    The democracy emergency is closely linked to the climate crisis. Each is grounded in a big lie – that climate science is a hoax, that Trump won in 2020 – pushed by the same rightwing politicians and propaganda “news” outlets and embraced with cult-like devotion by Trump’s followers. Left untreated, each threatens disaster. If Trump’s forces do change enough electoral rules and personnel to guarantee victory in 2022 and beyond, there is zero chance the US government will take the strong climate action needed to avert global catastrophe.

    We can’t solve the climate crisis with a broken democracy

    That the fate of life on Earth could be in the hands of such bigots is a tragedy.

    The suits of the GOP are plotting treachery against the US, it people and the Constitution.

    American democracy suffered two brutal blows on 6 January.

    The first has been seared into the national psyche: costumed insurrectionists ransacking the US Capitol, attacking Capitol police, and interrupting the constitutionally mandated electoral college count. They got closer than anyone could imagine to Vice-President Mike Pence and other terrified leaders, some hidden behind makeshift office-furniture barricades.

    Then, with the marble corridors still stained with blood, 147 elected Republicans maneuvered across broken glass only to vote with the insurrectionists. Around 11pm, a majority of House Republicans voted to reject free and fair election results from Arizona; two hours later, as a weary nation slept, a similar number refused to accept results from Pennsylvania.

    One year later, it’s the second band of insurrectionists, the ones wearing suits and ties, that pose the most serious threat.

    Seven ways Republicans are already undermining the 2024 election

    Cue attempts at defending the indefensible.

  19. My perspective is a bit different than yours Lionel.

    On climate change, once people take it seriously (the public isn’t there yet) – we will build enough nuclear power plants to generate 80% of our power needs with nuclear. Perhaps we will move to thorium or small scale nuclear reactors. Right now, the public and policy makers are not ready to move to the only currently technological solution – Nuclear.

    We have seen with the UK and Germany that renewables greater than about 30% fail when it is dark and not windy. We cannot store enough power at scale yet – so 100% renewables isn’t feasible and we will need to move to nuclear power. Most countries are not yet ready to bite that bullet – but if things get bad enough (and they are not bad at all yet) – we know what we have to do to solve this – go nuclear.

    As for Jan. 6th – worst insurrection ever. Where were the weapons? It was a protest which turned into a riot – much like the left’s summer of riots burning down government buildings and so forth. Democracy is fine. The republicans will take back power and most will breath a big sigh of relief.

    So don’t worry to much.

    I expect to hear cries of fraud when the democrats lose in a tidal wave in Nov. 2022. Maybe the red states should change all the voting rules right before the election? To address the pandemic of course.

    I would like to see our election system retooled and tightened up to ensure that it is one person one vote – and that each vote is cast by an eligible voter. The mail in voting debacle showed that the states databases are woefully out of date (so may ballots went to people not even living in the state anymore).

    I also think it is high time we started checking for people voting in multiple states. YOu know, like a person voting in New York and then flying down to Florida to their vacation home (where they are also registered to vote) and voting again the same day.

    Nobody checks for that and it would be easy to do. All we need is each state to upload their voting records as to who actually voted and cross-reference by social security number to tease out the people who voted more than once in the election. Just announcing they are doing the check would stop most people from engaging in that behavior. As of today, no state checks this and neither does the federal government – so we have no idea of how much this is happening.

    You would have thought we would have taken care of this after Bush won by 504 votes in 2000 (which could easily have been affected by snowbirds voting in their home state and also in Florida) – but nope – nothing has been done to verify this isn’t happening.

    Hope everybody has a good 2022.

  20. “As for Jan. 6th – worst insurrection ever. Where were the weapons?”

    Watch the videos.

    “The mail in voting debacle”

    There wasn’t one.

    “much like the left’s summer of riots burning down government buildings and so forth.”

    In which you ignore the large numbers of crimes committed by racists and white supremacists, and continue the exaggeration of the extent of damage done by the criminals who were there.

    “I also think it is high time we started checking for people voting in multiple states.”

    Something for which there is no evidence of occurring.

    “You would have thought we would have taken care of this after Bush won by 504 votes in 2000 (which could easily have been affected by snowbirds voting in their home state and also in Florida) – but nope – nothing has been done to verify this isn’t happening.”

    Studies after the court case indicate that Bush didn’t win. Of course, results statewide had to be examined, which was stopped by the court.

    Once again you cement your reputation as major asshole with no intent at all of make fact-based statements.

    1. Lets say Bush didn’t win. How do you know that 600 republicans didn’t vote in their home state and then fly down and vote a second time in Florida?

      Don’t you want to know if that happened?

      Shouldn’t our election system be able to check to see if that happened?

      Why have we not fixed this in the last 20 years?

      I want an election system where we have a fraud report a month after the election. I want to be able to KNOW how many people voted more than once in a state and how many people voted more than once in multiple states. I want to know how many dead people voted. I want to know how many people voted for somebody else (an adult child or aging parent). I want to know how many people no longer resident in a state voted. I want to know how many ineligible people voted (convicted felons in some states and illegal aliens).

      I want the election system to have enough information to be able to spot all those types of fraud. That would be good for everybody and both major parties.

      Then I can say – huh only 3 morons voted in more than one state. Now we simply have no idea if that number is zero or 200,000.

      You say there is no evidence this is happening. I agree – but think the system should be able to assure me this is not happening.

      I guess we will have to agree to disagree (again).

    2. Sorry asshole, all you are doing is what the QOP are doing on several states: putting “protections” up that do nothing more than take away the ability for the poor, elderly, and minorities to easily vote. Why? Because, as the scum you support admit, they can’t win if everyone who is eligible actually votes.

      Your other objections about wanting a “safe and secure” system are pure bullshit — we already have one, with checks and balances. Your “concerns” have no basis in reality. It’s not a matter of “agreeing to disagree”, your usual attempt at a dodge: it’s you getting caught promoting another series of blatant lies and not having the integrity to admit it.

  21. “We have seen with the UK and Germany that renewables greater than about 30% fail when it is dark and not windy.”


    1. https://pdf.sciencedirectassets.com/271090/1-s2.0-S0360544220X00120/1-s2.0-S0360544220307787/am.pdf?X-Amz-Security-Token=IQoJb3JpZ2luX2VjEBYaCXVzLWVhc3QtMSJGMEQCIHhzDPnSgY%2B%2F2y2%2BJ6BDEGfcLyoXXxnqBB6EXfFHD%2FUyAiAVaAmM0aaSALT5n4PAfM%2FVfCH%2Bs3N3BP9wMZSbvEvgUyr6AwguEAQaDDA1OTAwMzU0Njg2NSIMpq3Yyda6C6wtrLrgKtcDAie7X02LlOJbMKy9pJTw0EKRsQidUD06JHoENIJMjchxAXfZrhMJucvuqm7stODtDCkwnf4Wl5fd0JHHbix8tRecESNyPKwv%2B583tD%2Ft6JG1Q7UmDg4xo4pTqK%2FbWMiofqAOEctOLlKWnGKtczZ6A2jr9FF8%2BiPVd41rZ1wTtlMsqFJ0IcQtVz6do6wuyeOC6buOwzTDVPDIcVs4qWcrJBpsU%2FOog7m1ERmb0YQHBVRF3iE6F0glYBpjHRihZznxLvktmyAXXGWhQcJgHqDT3mwQf57YztR6JDx5PI8VtzYI59GNxGcdVMiQFPx2VOUnmvZo0RdePKX19pJujHwueybSyqlmfUqUY%2FFO2LV%2BFYU3y5k33xKUFVg%2FserkuYFM18%2F7r4y6ED64BPFphcAka3rSpwCx6cZ9yIRYYvNuo9M0T%2FWQwPXnzIoJHB5XIczD0ihCV0yaSqg3mNoO3jGZ432GQ%2BnY5%2BeLn9auixtMhPsyIEMZrTGMfq3y5UONOrDrw5bEKrYg6mftWdk6oiOUppD9vaAsLZ4ce8M0Duo6g3DtJrDQ%2B5%2BsL7qDOvTrIncvZSz%2BEPxzA9aghiNuYGeuErLI44JQdAXzIyh7Ah%2BNARNbvFSD9dBcMMSD9o4GOqYBXc6E9aZOMAGU%2B%2FIfnt5eZrQkh01TGkg3UP0Wrx1SpNHZSfPR47UkFY9Le8%2BNPR94taWYa%2BU6cV%2FksDB0viKD3FzETYPRlZHRROgz3yop5nkCJo88oX8mTLv%2FukuM%2FgsSCzgivRdJJOidl2qHEAv2tojS3EnxgZRDDJRoR1nPQWkyuZzxp5aFA4QwEro5z20AblYOW%2F2KBzUtoeuvkwGNoqJQGZGQJg%3D%3D&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Date=20220111T135017Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=300&X-Amz-Credential=ASIAQ3PHCVTY3K7TBSHG%2F20220111%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Signature=19e8faf0d13e5556a75ad38a2f55bfdb0f5904731320f32bcdd2ba6127a803ac&hash=194e5d3c9c4bd6c81db81ec069dcc763cb7709bbc7ee6e4af392974db5f9eb28&host=68042c943591013ac2b2430a89b270f6af2c76d8dfd086a07176afe7c76c2c61&pii=S0360544220307787&tid=pdf-158db82e-2994-4980-a98f-52a35c0e8823&sid=74ea6fff2c2c2741e12aaef4e3dd8f7bfe9dgxrqa&type=client

  22. RickA can chunter all he likes but voter suppression on steroids is the Republican aim, sadly assisted by some reprobate Democrats.

    The Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act would together serve to establish a baseline of federal rules enabling access to the ballot in all 50 states, and would restore the congressional authority to oversee new election laws in states that have a history of racist voting restrictions – a civil rights-era provision that was gutted by the Republican-controlled supreme court. But the two bills have been blocked repeatedly by Senate Republicans, who have used the chamber’s supermajority rule to prevent them from coming to a vote.

    Republican voter suppression is rampant. Manchin and Sinema are complicit now

    But Wednesday felt a little bit like the good old days in the Senate. In a rare sight, the chamber was filled with members actually listening to debate. In the corner, hunched over a cell phone, one senator was about to do something old-fashioned: Risk their career on a matter of principle.

    And so, Kyrsten Sinema did just that and voted to preserve the filibuster and by doing so prevent her own party from advancing voting-rights legislation they consider vital to preserving democracy.

    Kyrsten Sinema’s Moment of Infamy The enigmatic Democrat votes for the filibuster and against her party.

    1. I am going to “chunter” some more (whatever that is)!

      It is not voter suppression to make sure that each state voter database is accurate.

      It is not voter suppression to verify that voters are actually eligible to vote.

      The states are in charge of voting laws and I am against Federalizing voting, district line drawing and so forth.

      If a state wants to allow mail in ballots I think they should have the right to do that. If a state wants to deny mail in ballots I think they should have the right to do that. If a state wants to let people vote using their cell phones (random example) – I think they should have the right to do that. If a state says hell no to cell phone voting – I think they should have the right to do that.

      States are in charge of voting logistics (except for the date of the election for Federal offices). Every eligible voter currently has the right to vote in all 50 states (but just once and in only one state).

      I would like to see each state revisit their election system in light of COVID and make the appropriate changes to ensure that it is as easy to vote as possible – but consistent with the principle that each eligible voter is only entitled to vote once. I would like to see each state study the number of polling places and ensure that the wait to vote is not unreasonably long in any precinct (which seems to happen in some large cities). If that is happening it should be fixed – but by the State – not by the Federal Government.

      I would like to see each state pass a law that requires voting procedure changes to be locked in a certain amount of time prior to the election – and not permit changes to close to the election. I think the massive amounts of mail in balls mailed out without voter requests, based on inaccurate state voter databases, just before the last election, created a lot more problems than were solved and I would like to see that fixed by each state reviewing their existing voting system and changing the laws as they see fit. And also getting their database up to date and keep it that way – as best as humanly possible. As soon as someone dies – the voter database should reflect that. As soon as someone moves out of state – the voter database should reflect that. As soon as someone turns 18 – the voter database should reflect that. And so forth.

      But the system in each state should be able to identify voter fraud, if it happens. They should be able to audit each election and report on various types of fraud and reassure the people that how ever much fraud took place – it was not enough to change the results of the election. I want to know if any voter voted in more than one precinct in the same election. I want to know if any voter voted in more than one state in the same election. I want to know how many dead people voted in each election. I want to know how many people voted for their aged parent or incapacitated adult child. I want to know how many ballots were stuffed in a ballot box (should that occur). I want to know how many ballots were “lost” (should that occur). I want to know how many ineligible voters voted in a particular election. You get the idea. Such a system would be very reassuring to the voters – to help validate the results of the election.

      Currently Biden is implying that the next election will not be legitimate if he is not allowed to control how each state handles the voting process. How is that any different than what Trump did (crying fraud)? I predicted cries of Fraud and it looks like when democrats lose in Nov. that is exactly what we will see. The loser always seems to cry fraud – Trump did it and Biden is going to do it also.

      So lets fix that – at the state level – by making it harder to commit fraud. It is not that difficult.

      Look – I think it is just a very bad idea to allow people to go door to door in nursing homes and influence or outright bribe people who are in cognitive decline to vote a certain way – via mail in ballots. Or discard mail in ballots of those who voted in ways they don’t like. Ballot harvesting is just bad public policy and should not be allowed. The more sets of hands which touch a ballot between the voter filling it out and the election official getting it – the higher the risk of voter fraud. That is easy to see – right? Do we want mail sorters throwing away ballots – I think not. Do we want mail carriers throwing mail in ballots in the ditch – I think not. Do we want random people dropping off ballot boxes and having control over hundreds of ballots – which they may or may not actually deliver? I think not. These are all bad things which should be prevented.

      What would be wrong with making early voters (who are able bodied) go to city hall to cast their ballot? City hall could even be staffed to accept voting during the 10 days or 14 days or whatever state law permits before hours and after hours – to help people who cannot get off during regular business hours. Say allow voting from 6 am to 10 pm during the early voting period. Reserve mail in ballots for the non-able bodied or emergency business trips – as it typically the case now. That cuts down on the number of hands touching the ballot between voting it and getting it to its proper destination.

      I think Machin and Sinema are heroes for keeping the filibuster and the democrats will be very very happy they did when they are in the minority.

      I hope Machin and Sinema jump ship and change parties to join the Republicans – as they are no longer welcome in the democratic party.

      I “chunter” against voting fraud.
      I “chunter” for the principle of one person one vote.
      I “chunter” for a system which starts to ensure that NOBODY can vote in one state and then travel to another and vote for a second time.
      And I “chunter” for a system which can count how many times that type of fraud (any many others) happened in a particular election.

      I don’t think that is to much to ask for.

      But that is just one middle aged white males opinion. You are free to disagree.

      But I have “chuntered” on to much. So I will stop and see what you think about my thoughts.

  23. “But I have “chuntered” on to much. S”

    Chuntered? You meant “ranted and lied about things that haven’t happened” — just as you always do.

    things that have happened:
    ‘a sitting president trying to get a governor to overturn the results of an election that the president lost’

    ‘a sitting president and members of his political party trying to get the vice president and others to set aside the results of a presidential election, so overriding the people’s vote’

    ‘a sitting president urging people to storm the Capitol and “take back the election by force”‘ on January 6

    ‘texas ag ken paxton trying to become the person who can decide when to prosecute “voter fraud” ‘ (luckily he lost: he did declare “if everybody who can votes we’re done”

    ‘repeated QOP ranting about the case of Rosemarie Hartle, who they claimed “voted after she was dead” — it was her husband who voted for her, as a republican

    ‘texas and other states removing polling places in areas where minorities, elderly, and low-income people live’ because they know they won’t get votes from the majority of those people

    Lots more, but the point is the same as always: you’re willing to lie and toss out “serious problems” with the voting system, when in fact those problems don’t exist. You’re willing to ignore proven illegalities by your people because, well damn, it’s just not right that poor people, people who aren’t which, certainly people who aren’t white males, get to vote. That just shouldn’t happen in your world.

    We get it. your history of dishonesty and racism is a long one here. You couldn’t even find an article that supported your assertion about the problems with renewable energy a couple posts ago (that posted article doesn’t do it). All you’re doing is demonstrating, repeatedly, that you are a walking personification of all the worst characteristics and beliefs a person can have.

  24. RickA will once again try to defend the indefensible because, wait, Trump is allowed to try to disenfranchise voters not likely on his side.

    In the heady days between Donald Trump’s defeat in November 2020 and the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, an executive order was prepared. It commanded the defense secretary to seize voting machines in battleground states, as part of Trump’s “big lie” that the vote was rigged.

    Draft Trump order told defense chief to seize swing-state voting machines

    Note link to Michael Flynn allies shenanigans in left side bar.

    Rogue Dems and Moscow Mitch need to be pinioned.

    And, ‘chunter’ is a expression commonly used in the UK, especially the RN to describe arguing incoherently .

  25. So now we know that the traitor-in-chief drafted his executive order instructing the sec of defense to have the military grab voting machines on December 16. He had the Pentagon stop briefing Biden’s team on December 18.

    rickA’s nazi-loving democracy hating president was working on his coup long before January 6. I’m sure he’ll be outraged knowing was was attempted.

    (Actually he won’t be: he’ll either ignore it, try his “but but but the blacks were rioting” crap, or say it would have been good if it had worked.)

  26. And no surprise that the resident nazi supporter doesn’t see a problem with the criminal he supports working against democracy. RickA continues to show his complete lack of integrity.

  27. The Newt demonstrates how unhinged and dangerous Republicans can be.

    Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, stoked outrage on Sunday by predicting members of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack will be imprisoned if Republicans retake the chamber this year.

    One of two Republicans on the committee, Liz Cheney, said: “A former speaker of the House is threatening jail time for members of Congress who are investigating the violent attack on our Capitol and our constitution. This is what it looks like when the rule of law unravels.”

    Outrage as Newt Gingrich says Capitol attack investigators could be jailed

    Still reckon that the Rebup’s support democracy RickA?

  28. RickA, In a fair election with high voter turnout, the GOP know that they will never win another election. The majority of Americans do not support them and never have. With the wackos now slavishly following the deranged orange narcissist and obeying everything he says, the GOP knows that to prevail in future elections they have to manipulate to voting system to make it as hard as they can for districts with minorities to vote. This is not about voter accountability and you damned well know it. It is about the exclusion of minorities who the GOP know will never support them. At the very least they are trying to maximize the disincentive to vote. They did it in Texas in Democrat districts by making one drive many miles to find drop-off boxes. In every state controlled by the GOP, the aim is to create a right wing Trumpist dictatorship.

    At this point I find it bizarre that anyone still supports Trump, with his serial lies and inability to ‘move on’. He has not changed a thing at his rallies. It is the same old, same old: the election was rigged, he was robbed, blah, blah, blah. One is happy to listen to the old classics of the Rolling Stones, but comedians constantly need to update their material. Trump does too. He hasn’t, because he is an ignoramus. Intellectually lazy. He needs new scriptwriters to write new material. His mumbling rant in Arizona recently was very embarrassing. Incoherent mutterings, and non-stop self praise. No wonder even lowlifes like DeSantis are beginning to abandon ship.

  29. “At this point I find it bizarre that anyone still supports Trump, with his serial lies…”

    Let’s see:

    * Trump is a racist
    * Trump is a misogynist
    * Trump doesn’t believe people who are not white deserve any respect
    * Trump really doesn’t care about democracy, only preservation of privilege

    There’s more, but those four alone describe rickA well enough. Those are the type of people who support trump

  30. Yeah, republicans the country over are dedicated to safe elections.

    No, wait, that’s complete bullshit. republicans are dedicated to rigging the game in their favor, just as the resident authoritarian “elections are not safe” liar is.



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