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There are four Cormoran Strike books, written by “Robert Galbraith” aka JK Rowlings. Obviously the JK in JK Rowlings has some significance. Anyway, they are really fantastic books. Extraordinarily well written private eye literature pieces that are not hobgoblins of the patriarchy are hard to come by. Each book is great, but as a set (and yes you must read them in order) they develop threads and characters that will make you want to read them again once you’ve gone through them all.

In my head, Cormoran Strike looks nothing like this.
And I mention them now because one of them is on sale relatively cheap for the Kindle, at least, in the US. (That’s number 2, for 4.99, which is cheap for this sort of in-demand book.)

For reference, following is the series. If you haven’t read them yet and don’t have any, you might track down used copies of a couple of them, and mix and match (but even used copies of these books are on the high side).

The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike Book 1)

The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike Book 2)

Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike Book 3)

Lethal White (Cormoran Strike Book 4)

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2 thoughts on “Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowlings Book Cheap

  1. If it were the first of the Cormoran Strike series I might have bought it. Especially if they should be read in order. So I bought your book and that shot my budget for kindle books for a while.

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