Minnesota Republicans Reject Science, Call For Increasing Death Toll

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In Minnesota, we have a Democratic Governor, a Democratic House, and a Republican Senate. We have what is recognized nationwide as one of the best responses to COVID-19 by any US State. Within Minnesota, we find the highest level epidemiology and immunology talent, with one of the top in a small handful of leading scientists in each of those field in the world, and they are directly advising Governor Tim Walz.

But, the Republicans are now holding us hostage. They will not proceed, until the shutdown ends, with what we call the “bonding bill” (the bill that comes out every two years that deals with funding but not policy, and covers a lot of the work done in infrastructure, including roads and bridges (which fall down when properly maintained), educational facilities, all of that. Their reasoning?

“Waaa waaa! We’ve done that for weeks now. Waaa waaa! It should be done by now. Mommy I don’t wanna any more.”

Typical Republican BS.

If you are in my neighborhood, vote for, or donate money to, Ann Johnson Stewart? or Adam Jennings? for State Senate, and, actually, ThrowTheBumsOut! The Democrats will take the Senate if both of these candidates win, and with enough support, then can win.

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I can’t easily give a link to this story, but it is the Star Tribune (front page) May 3rd. In brief:

GOP says no bond deal amid stay-home

Kurt “Science Doubter” Daudt, Minnesota House Speaker. Photo from a 2016 story on how he can’t balance his checkbook.

After a brutal April that saw more than 300 deaths and hundreds of COVID-19 hospitalizations, Minnesota health officials say the new month promises more sickness and loss but also a health care system better equipped to handle the pandemic.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, said his caucus will block passage of a public infrastructure borrowing package until the peacetime state of emergency Walz has used to enact the stay-at-home order and other coronavirus response measures comes to an end.

“We feel that this has gone on for basically two months now where we’ve had unilateral decisionmaking by the executive,” Daudt said.

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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Republicans Reject Science, Call For Increasing Death Toll

  1. Re: “we’ve had unilateral decisionmaking by the executive,”

    As usual, modern Republicans have no problem with such decisions when made by one of their own in favor of something they want. In the world of Trump; ethics, morality, and principles are all flexible and boil down to: “What’s in it for me?”

  2. IIRC, Minnesota is a state Trump won in 2016 by the thinnest of margins. I think the Republicans, by taking this stance, have made sure he will lose this time. But apparently they cannot help but shoot themselves in the foot.

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