Dear Republicans: What is taking you so long?

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I know the answer to that question. You are bad people, every one of you. You are morally, ethnically, and intellectually incapable of doing the right thing. Every single one of you who considers yourselves still a Republican is not worthy to breathe the same air our children are being poisoned by as we speak.

Everyone who formerly thought of themselves as Republicans, any time over the last two or three decades as this situation built up, even if you reject the party now, share some of the blame and if you do not feel shame, you are bad, bad people. Sorry, no forgiveness here. You have systematically worked to ruin the future for our children and grandchildren, for your own selfish reasons, and we have Trump today because of the decisions you consciously made.

So, yeah, fuck you and don’t expect even a modicum of good will from me.

But if you don’t like me being mean to you, maybe see what Barack Obama has to say. Here, he owns you, cucks.

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14 thoughts on “Dear Republicans: What is taking you so long?

  1. Good choice going with the picture of Oath keepers — there may not be a scarier bunch of right-wing racists with guns anywhere.

    1. They are filtering into Minneapolis as we speak to “defend” trump supporters from the dangerous violent liberals.

    2. as Dean says- scary. The times demand we keep very alert- even if only 10% of trumpanistas are rabid, that represents millions. Most of whom are armed. Most of whom will eat up the “coup” narrative that Miller , McCarthy et al lift right from Breitbart pages.

      From the MAGA shirted cops at rallies to the RW militia whose threats unseated the Oregon legislature this June- an impeachment of “their ” leader by the “deep state” operatives that they are sure run the DOJ , the CIA etc has the very real potential to get scary ugly.

      Way too many law enforcements at the local level are also true believers in this CT shit.

      So even as I too ask the Grorge Wills and the Colin Powells “and who did you vote for in 2016?”, I admit that the pressure these guys are under- the out right threats – are not to be taken lightly.

  2. Well said Greg – and that shit is being pushed into our politics up here. It’s very possible that Andrew Scheer could be our next PM. He is a dual citizen who is registered for service in the US military. He refuses to release a fully, hell not even a partially, costed platform (because he absolutely wouldn’t get elected if he did) and many of his staff are Trumpsters in the US. He admires Trump. need I say more. I’m glad I’m 70 because it means I won’t have to live through much more of this crap. Even though I have no family left, I am very concerned for the future of my country, your country and life in general on the panet (yes he’s a climate denier asshole fundy Christian too.) Oh and what Dean said too.

    1. I take it that “up here” refers to Canada. If so, I am very, very sorry to hear what is going on there politically. I’ve lived on the U.S./Canadian border and I’ve traveled fairly widely (mostly decades ago) and even lived briefly in the country itself (decades ago).

      This whole trend reported in the U.S., Canada, and Australia reminds me of the descriptions I’ve read and documentaries I’ve seen of the rise of fascism in Europe. The siren song of “we were betrayed by [insert group of your choice]” and “I’ll lead the country to greatness” (“great again”) sounds once more.

  3. Feel the same way about the Tories over here in the UK.

    Brexit, racists enabled, emboldened and on the rise, rightwing liars and lies blocking up the airwaves, anti-democratic slomo coup in progress at the top, no end in sight.

    And every fucking Brexiteer I ever speak to has the same line in what you would probably call ‘butthurt’. You call us stupid, ill-informed, ignorant and racist Little Englanders, they whine. And wonder why eyes roll.

    Mind you, at least they don’t have guns.

    1. “. . . they don’t have guns.”

      But they apparently do have votes. And with votes, the lack of guns can be remedied by new laws. Here in the U.S., we now apparently have enough guns to arm every man, woman, and child in the country. I’m sure our manufacturers would be happy to help rearm the people of the UK and make even more money.

    2. There was a time, not long ago, when I would have scoffed at the idea. Now, it doesn’t feel wise to scoff. Not anymore.

  4. How was the rally? I did see a few bits of fake stuff put out by the right: a picture they claimed to show long lines waiting to get in, but were found to be sourced to some event in Montana (the cacti in the background indicated it wasn’t MN), this bit

    “Mayor Jacob Frey stifles free speech and press again,” Jennifer Carnahan said on Twitter. “The city of Minneapolis has banned tv cameras and media from interviewing rally goers waiting in the skyways for the rally.”

    that was quickly debunked by the reporters who were where she said they couldn’t be (and by it being pointed out that many skyways are owned by businesses, not the city), and more.

    Haven’t heard anything about numbers of people in attendance.

  5. What is the point of this? The point is NOT to say that we should feel sorry for presidential candidates, elected presidents, or ex presidents, at the expense of black lives mattering. This is where the nuance comes in. This is not zero-sum game. Too much ammunition for that to be the case. The point of saying all this is simple. If you are going to plan a disruption campaign against candidates, you have to assume that those you are going after will be freaked out. They were already freaked out. They’ve already had the conversation about whether or not to wear a bullet proof vest. They’ve already been held in the kitchen or some waiting room while tough looking scary people check to make sure their pistols are loaded and ready, their communications systems in place. If they were paying attention, they already know about the snipers positioned on nearby buildings, and they probably walked by the ambulance positioned near by to take them to the emergency room when the shot that changes their lives, or ends it, rings out.

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