I’m a middle aged man with an embarrassing problem…

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3 thoughts on “I’m a middle aged man with an embarrassing problem…

  1. Jason Siler is one such.

    Warning those who understand all the issues evoked by this calmly delivered rant of non-sequiturs, straw men and other logic and knowledge fails best have a vomit bucket to hand.

    Blue Collar Logic: a cesspit of ignorance and prejudice for our times.

  2. Yes, Jason Siler is disgustingly smooth with his concern trolling and his advice about what he called the “supposed crisis.”

    His speech feels much like a book I’m reading now: The Green New Deal: Economics and Policy Analysis by Dr. Benjamin Zycher (American Enterprise Institute, Feb. 2019). It was written just to refute the basis for the Green New Deal, and I bought it just to refute it.

  3. Dr. Benjamin Zycher has history.

    Professor Benjamin Zycher was an economist for The Rand Corporation and a lecturer at UCLA who became erratically involved in the cash-for-comments network run for the Tobacco Institute. He became recruited into a clandestine network of academic economists who secretly worked for the tobacco industry through the Tobacco Institute.

    One of the ‘cash-for-comments economists’ described in article cited and quoted.

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