Hard to Swallow

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Dear Readers,

Yes, the rumors are true. I removed several comments by J. D. Swallow on the grounds that they were promulgating bad science, and at the same time constituted mean attacks against other readers.

The bad science part, I don’t worry about too much because the loyal (and rational) readers of this blog had been handling that very well. But JDS’s personal attacks were too much.

Swallow has been banned, not for the first time, but likely for the last time.

At least we can revel in a bit of nostalgia, remembering the days of the old forums, when Swallows came in flocks instead of just one at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Hard to Swallow

  1. He was indeed very hard to Swallow. Lionel A shows that he has a track record over several years of going onto forums of progressive blogs and launching attacks against other posters. He was most recently battling several commenters on Desmogblog before showing up here.

    Good riddance.

  2. You have to love this: Swallow sent me a long, ranting email this morning castigating me for getting him banned from here and then launching into a diatribe on the uselessness of my research. I deleted it immediately, I do not wish to feed the troll any more than necessary. The truth is that he is a nutcase with a long track record of quackery.

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