Don’t be afraid of Trump’s Tanks

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First, a few important military facts. Tanks are not the main way the US military fights a war. They are certainly used, but less then might be assumed given recent events in Washington DC. Also, our enemies are less and less likely to use tanks against us. Our long distance and air-assault artillery means that any nation we go up against that puts most of its eggs in the tank basket loses in a few days. Tanks for the memory, tanks, but tanks are becoming somewhat passe in regular warfare.

But they do have one major use that can’t be ignored, and this is probably what Conman Don the Dictator had in mind when he became obsessed with displaying tanks at his July 4th campaign rally. Tanks are great for suppressing in-country citizen uprisings.

So, since there is a growing possibility of a violent revolution happening in America — this possibility increases every time Congress shows itself unable to address Trump — you need to know how to destroy a tank that might be coming into your fair city to put your revolution down and kill your family. It is easier than you think. Take it from Joe the Tank Man.

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13 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid of Trump’s Tanks

  1. Haven’t time to watch the vid right now but according to something I saw on tv recently, the Finns in WW2 had some success against the tanks of their Russian aggressors using (ironically) “Molotov cocktails” — each of which was essentially a bottle containing a flammable liquid with a rag stuffed down into the neck for a fuse when lit. Apparently, if you could fling it against certain parts of the tank, you could do some real damage.

    1. Now that I’ve watched the video, I see that my Molotov cocktail post was superfluous. Tanks were not a factor in the war ongoing when I had my military training, so I never got to see such a presentation. I sure noted that going up against tanks without air support, heavy artillery, rifle grenades and such would be a very chancy activity. I hope the U. S. still has enough intelligence and common sense left in the population to avoid any such a thing.

    1. They are also good for wiping out the Washington D.C. fund designated for paying for security. Well, it and the fact that the nazi loving piece of shit in the white House never paid the city the nearly 7 million dollars owed services and security at the worst attended inauguration in history.

      You have to wonder what level of scum this display in the 4th appealed to, and how stupid they’d need to be to see it as anything other than what it was: a mastubatory exercise for Trump’s ego.

  2. “But they do have one major use that can’t be ignored, and this is probably what Conman Don the Dictator had in mind when he became obsessed with displaying tanks at his July 4th campaign rally.”

    Nonsense. Anyone paying attention know that Trump was looking to imitate the Bastille Day parade in Paris.

    Aren’t lib-idiots always saying that America should learn from the europeans?

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