Here is the Mueller Report (with redactions)

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The report is huge because, instead of being a searchable PDF file, it is a file of 448 pictures of a report. For the record, AJ Barr is pretty much of a dickhead for releasing the report in this form. From a technological point of view, that is obstruction of public justice.

Anyway, here it is in 11 bite size parts:

Mueller Report Part 1

Mueller Report Part 2

Mueller Report Part 3

Mueller Report Part 4

Mueller Report Part 5

Mueller Report Part 6

Mueller Report Part 7

Mueller Report Part 8

Mueller Report Part 9

Mueller Report Part 10

Mueller Report Part 11

Enjoy! I’ve only started to read it, but boy, is it interesting. Every page so far.

There is a lot more to come in this saga. I recommend, if you are reading this on the first day or two of the report’s release, try to ignore what everyone is saying. Give the experts a chance to actually read the damn thing, rather than being forced by their producers to say something interesting about a VERY DENSE 448 page report when the printer is still hot.

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1 thought on “Here is the Mueller Report (with redactions)

  1. I suspect that Barr released it in this way to make it just that much more difficult for journalists to find what they’re looking for. And also to make absolutely sure that there is no chance of inadequate redaction sneaking through.

    I was planning to OCR it next week at work, and reduce the file size back to something sensible. I see that you’ve tackled it though, so one less thing to worry about.

    And yes, the report is a smoking battery of cannons. Donald was a Very Bad Boy, as were the Republicans who are currently sawing off the branch on which they’re attached to the tree of decency – and they’re sitting on the distal side of the cut…

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