Inslee for President!

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I a not actually supporting a candidate for nomination for USPOTUS at this time, and I won’t for a while. I’m too engaged in the process of caucus, delegate selection, primary, etc. to do that. Let it never be said that Great Laden caused a particular candidate to be favored in their quest to get Minnesota’s convention delegates.

I will say that I am likely to discount (as in move down the list) old white guys including Biden and Sanders, but I have no intention of ruling anyone out at this time.

But, I am very concerned about climate change, and at this time, one could argue that Jay Inslee is THE climate candidate running right now. For all you Sanders fans out there, and for all you who like Sanders but want him to be a Democrat, notice that Inslee is the “I’m Sanders but an actual Democrat” candidate. Perhaps. He’s also the White Male Elizabeth Warren candidate.

Point is, I think everyone should support him with sufficient vigor to keep him in the race so he can make an impact on the debates and possibly beyond. Maybe he’s the one. Who knows?

Watch these interviews to find out more:

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4 thoughts on “Inslee for President!

  1. Leaving aside the Full Red Alert status that climate change deserves as an issue- this is such an obvious way to maintain presence in the media. My guess is that climate related [even if it is nothing but the “is THIS weather a result of climate change?” ] stories are at least a weekly occurrence – and the painful disclosures will only roll out with ever more frequency . So as pure political maneuvering , it is now a PR dream …

  2. Thanks Greg – If I were an American he would be my choice. There is simply nothing more important to life on this planet than immediate action, and complete focus, towards combating climate climate change. That is not something that will come from the likes of Sanders or any of the other current contenders, they are too focused on Trump, jobs, and the economy. As I like to say to people occasionally – there is no “economy” when intelligent (using that term quite loosely) life no longer exists because climate change has wiped it out. The crimes of Trump, Putin et. al . pale in comparison to what is staring us down the throat. The IPCC has consistently underestimated threats and their latest report says we have 12 years to turn things around. That probably means we have less than 10 years. Nothing, literally nothing, is more important at this point. Children like Greta Thunberg get it, people with large oil and gas investments like Diane Feinstein’s family ( don’t.

  3. Saw him interviewed the other night. He’s put climate at the very top of his platform, so I’m with you on this. Somebody somewhere needs to take a leadership position on this issue and not just follow the polls (as all the timid triangulaters have been doing for so long, effectively burying the issue and giving a pass to the g.d. BAU jerks).

    Time to fight the good fight before it’s too late.

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