Murderous dictator stands by Trump

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I have no words.

Here, the President casts Americans — the citizens, the elected government, the appointed and hired civil servants — aside and aligns himself with a nefarious foreign leader.

There is a pattern emerging here. Trump likes foreign dictator that hack America.

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3 thoughts on “Murderous dictator stands by Trump

  1. I’m sure Un has faith in Trump: he got to be elevated to the level of equal with trump (not a huge step up in terms of personal characteristics, to be honest) with all the world-wide exposure and status that brings, got “promises” from Trump (he may soon find out how worthless Trump’s word on anything is), and didn’t have to do anything on his side to get those things.

  2. Will there be a trial for Park in absentia?
    Hes innocent at the moment, yes? If the answer is not yes, then boy USA has bigger problems!
    I’m more than a bit keen to see the other witnesses and evidence for the Sony case in particular.
    A nice public trial please. I’m sure a fine nation, albeit full of WMD loving fuckwits and people who believe in something called ” race ” wouldn’t want secret trials going on.

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