Lanny Davis on Rachel Maddow

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I put this here to note that this event and this interview is a little more than special.

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9 thoughts on “Lanny Davis on Rachel Maddow

  1. Surely you will go and donate to Michael Cohen’s GoFundMe?
    The money goes to Lanny Davis, who took the case pro bono.

  2. Surely America deserves a new election, since it is now apparent that 2016 was illegitimate? Or, might we best simply argue that Hillary Clinton should be installed?

  3. Lanny Davis declaring that 13 references in Steele Dossier to Michael Cohen are false.
    Never been to Prague. No Russia Collusion.
    Will leftists accept this from Lanny Davis, or will they continue to believe the dossier?

    1. Never been to Prague.

      McClatchy reported to the contrary:

      Lanny Davis might have occasion in the near future to revisit his assertion, but for now I suspect he’s simply trying to keep a hold on leverage for any plea deal.

      It matters not though. The Steele dossier has revealed so much material that was subsequently verified elsewhere that your assertions are worthless. Which is merely par for the course…

    2. Steele Dossier had lots of things that were public knowledge at the time they were written.

  4. Just watched this, but I’m too confused to have any reaction. This is because I was confused beforehand. I was confused beforehand because:
    1. Saturday, I finally saw “The Manchurian Candidate” [not the original 1962 film, but the 2004 remake w/Denzel Washington & Meryl Streep]
    2. Sunday, I read this article:
    3. Monday (yesterday) I realized that I have no idea which is fiction – the movie or the New Republic article.
    I guess the moral of this story, Greg, is that I should have resolved #3 for myself BEFORE watch this interview you so kindly posted.

    1. Joe M,

      It was also around that time that Trump and some of the other wise guys and unsavory characters, like those that ultimately connected him to Manafort, started hanging around with each other.

      The only real question is how much of a stooge Trump is, vs. an organizer. That this is post-Godfather organized crime isn’t a question.

      I, for one, am looking forward to the Ken Burns documentary on all this.

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