Relaxing after a long and difficult Campaign 1.0 season.

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Interesting day. Christine Hallquist has been nominated by the Democratic Party in Vermont to run for governor. She is transgender. In Minnesota’s primary, Democrats bothering to show up at the polls on Primary day outnumbered Republicans 2:1. Usually it is about even. That’s the first draft of the Blue Wave, right? Twitter just closed Alex Jones’ account. And no, that is not censorship.

All indications are that we will get to hear Trump say the N-word some time over the next week or two. I don’t really need to hear that, but there may be those who do.

What happened in your politics today? For those in the handful of states that had primaries today, you’ve got one night to rest. Tomorrow, all roads lead to November 6th.

And now for your entertainment and inspiration:

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4 thoughts on “Relaxing after a long and difficult Campaign 1.0 season.

  1. Only had time tonight to watch the Jeff Daniels, America President, and West Wing clips Рthey are so en point̩, so timely, they are as applicable today as they were then

  2. Only watched Obama’s 2004 DNC Keynote speech because I had to. Seriously……….I HAD to hear those words again.

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