Jeff Johnson vs Tim Pawlenty in light of Donald Trump

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Have a look at this campaign ad, which appears pursuant to the Minnesota Republican Primary coming up in two weeks, in which former Governor Tim Pawlenty and perennial and not overwhelmingly successful state level candidate and current Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson are running to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The person in the political ad is Tim Pawlenty.

Am I crazy, or is it impossible to tell if this is a Tim Pawlenty ad or a Jeff Johnson ad? It really could go either way.

In order that you do NOT have to click on this ad in case you see it, I can tell you it is a Jeff Johnson ad. I’m pretty sure.

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1 thought on “Jeff Johnson vs Tim Pawlenty in light of Donald Trump

  1. Ads here in MIchigan are amazing as well. There are ads by Republicans attacking another Republican because he “is an elitist who went to Harvard on a scholarship — your tax money. The implication is that he used money from his state job to pay for Harvard, but it was an actual Harvard scholarship.

    There are ads from people saying they will make work requirements on welfare, something “that has never existed”. Others will “stop the federal money being used for abortions” — which is something that doesn’t exist. Another republican candidate is being clobbered (by both sides) for daring to suggest some sort of tax increase is needed to fix our roads.

    There are losers for both parties running for various offices using the “you don’t need any experience at all to serve in government”: probably true, but as the president and all the tea baggers who are serving show, no experience means you do a crappy job.

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