Crowd Source Investigative Reporting of Trump

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The Washington Post wants you to help them identify the individuals shown in photographs golfing with Donald Trump.

Oddly this project does not have a code name. So let us work on that as well.

Possible code names:

To a T
My little friend
Look who’s golfing with Donnie

Anyway …

…we ask your help. The tool below indicates those days on which we think Trump has played golf and, when we know, his

partners. In some cases, we’re trying to confirm people who we believe have played with Trump. For many other days, we have no idea. If you think you might have some insight, click the “Have a tip?” button for the appropriate day and tell us what you know. (It will open a blank email.)


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6 thoughts on “Crowd Source Investigative Reporting of Trump

    1. The WaPo would love for this to happen.

      Also, it’s relatively easy to weed out such efforts, but I won’t tell you how because it might also present a counter.

    2. If it’s so easy to weed out, why is the media reporting so many false stories? They are being fed false stories just to see who prints it, as part of a leak hunt. That story about Don Jr received a special e-mail before a Wikileaks release was one.

      WaPo did snuff out an attempt to have them report a fake accuser against Roy Moore.

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t play golf. He’s too busy Making America Great Again. This is a picture of Barack Obama impersonating Trump in order to compromise him.

    1. “If it’s so easy to weed out, why is the media reporting so many false stories? ”

      Aaah, the lamentations of a conspiracy monger.

  2. Oh look, The Donald is sending his old NAZI
    friends back to the fatherland.

    You leftest should sing with joy and fervor.

    Ice, ice baby!!!

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