Americans Should Not Be On an American President’s Enemies List

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Especially if the “enemies” on the list are mainly enemies of a hostile foreign autocrat (Vladimir Putin).

Some commentary and details:

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One thought on “Americans Should Not Be On an American President’s Enemies List

  1. Trump seems to be rapidly deteriorating right in front of our eyes. It would be nice to know more about post hypnotic suggestions, and why Trump was so red faced after his oval office meeting with Russian spy masters Lavrov and Kislyak. After Helsinki, Trump looks more and more like a little boy who has been taken to the woodshed for being bad. At one extreme, Trump may be just a two bit mobster in the wrong job. At another extreme, he is a willing or unwitting tool of Putin. Republicans, how did you let this happen???

    Anyway, as Joseph Heller said, ““Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Trump is right to be paranoid. Roughly more than half the nation wishes he would crawl back to the orifice he came out of and pull the manhole cover back over it. He is patterning right after Nixon in his last days. But his addled followers still support him. Doubling down on stupid as he circles the drain. Oh well.

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