John Bolton, Russian Agent and Gun Nut

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Here is the US’s new national security adviser talking about guns in the Motherland.

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5 thoughts on “John Bolton, Russian Agent and Gun Nut

  1. Just heard someone on NPR refer to Bolton as a kiss up kick down sort of guy.
    He certainly seems to be that. He comes across as paranoid, hateful, unimaginative, ideologically naive, and, oh yes, he did well in school. As did Ted Cruz. Did well in Law School. Law School. Law fucking school. He dodged Viet Nam by joining the National Guard and then he became a chest thumping war ape. I’m sure he spent hours on the firing line practicing his aim, breathing in lots of lead fumes. Did you know that the susceptibility to lead toxicity varies between individuals? I suspect that he is more susceptible than most. Another fucking lead headed idiot.

    Lead (Pb) damages the prefrontal cortex, leading to diminished cognitive flexibility and openness to new ideas, diminished curiosity and diminished creativity. Does any of that sound like John Bolton to you? Sure does to me. Or maybe he is just another sociopath in the GOP mold. At any rate, his ability to inflexibly hate enemies is very well developed. And that is not healthy for the world. Full of bile, empty of wisdom. Not good.

    1. Hilariously, Bill Kristol defends him from charges of being a warmonger with, “He was arguing against me about war in the Balkans”.

  2. It looks like another rally with numbers larger than Trump’s inauguration is happening as the youngsters show their distaste of gun policy.

    Yosemite Sam, another over-privileged white guy educated beyond his ability for analytical thought, ain’t going to be happy.

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