A Resolution Concerning Town Halls (The Erik Paulsen Amendment) Revised

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A suggested resolution for Minnesotans attending their precinct caucuses this year.

Elected members to the United State Congress sometimes forget that they were sent to Washington DC to represent the people of their district,

a bill be introduced to disallow disbursement or reimbursement to any member of the US House of Representatives or Senate from the Members’ Representational Allowance fund, or any other disbursement other than salary, for any member who does not hold open public town halls in their home district at least two times per calendar year.

An open public town hall shall be defined as a public meeting to which all constituents are invite at an appropriately sized and located venue with several days public notice, for at least two hours time provide for questions and comments by constituents.

The resolution form is herw.

“I know some want (me) to do a public event, an open town hall … (Laughs) … I’m not going to do that” (just after 8 minutes, 12-20-17 Paul and Jordana 5 PM Wednesday, Dedember 20th, 2017)

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2 thoughts on “A Resolution Concerning Town Halls (The Erik Paulsen Amendment) Revised

  1. Greg wants to ban “payment of any stationary fund or allowance of any kind other than salary”.

    What kind of money are we talking about here?

    Do Federal legislator’s get a per diem like State legislator’s?

    I don’t know anything about stationary funds or allowances, and thought you might share your knowledge on this issue.


    1. My knowledge is not extremely current so that’s why I didn’t specify, but yes, they have coverage for these expenses.

      State legislatures — that varies by state.

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