Mueller has probably caught multiple small fish.

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Many were surprised when the “first indictment” in Muller’s probe of Trump’s collusion with Russia to take over the United States was Trump’s actual campaign advisory, Paul Manafort. One expects prosecutors to go after the small fish first, then use their testimony to catch the bigger fish.

But that confusion is almost instantly settled on realizing that many weeks ago, Mueller and the FBI arrested and got a guilty plea from George Papadopoulos. You’ll remember him as an individual who was supposedly involved in opening up a Trump-Putin channel. The Trump campaign, under Manafort, pretty effectively discredited or diminished those claims, and threw Papadopoulos under the bus. We now know two things, however. One is that those claims were serious, even worse than they originally appeared, despite the Trump campaign’s efforts to tone them down. The other is that Papadopoulos was a small fish, and in this case, a small fish likely wearing a wire. Oh what would it be like to have an accounting of all the places he’s been, people he’s seen, since his guilty plea? Reporters? Got anything?

Once I heard all this I jumped to a provisional but I think correct conclusion. Mueller has multiple small fish. Papadopoulos is just the one we know about. He’s been collecting them, quietly, all along. And, moments ago a reader of this blog passed me some new information. Turns out that Sam Clovis, the current nominee to the Department of Agriculture’s chief science spot, is likely also a cooperative witness. It may be the case that Clovis was involved as well in setting up the Trump-Russia back-channel or related activities. That’s interesting. I wonder if his nomination is in jeopardy?

Anyway, I’m putting in on record now that I think Mueller has a whole kettle of fish. A virtual apiary of singing canary fish. Or at least, a few more. Any guesses as to who they might be?

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8 thoughts on “Mueller has probably caught multiple small fish.

  1. So, you think that Special Councel Mueller has a “catch of fish”? A “sort of traitors” as it were? A “bed of eels”? I certainly hope that they can get something on Stephen Miller, but alas, writing clumsy, sadistic, and puposefully divisive racist talking points for both Trump and Kelly is generally not considered a criminal matter. Who else do we know? Carter Page is too clever by half and maybe a vicious psychopath under his dimpled fool facade, but maybe he is a US agent. Who knows? I would love to see Roger Stone get indicted for something. Just, you know, because. Steve Bannon would be an awesome takedown, as his thought processes just all around stink. Maybe he can be taken down for the crime of inflicting Jerry Seinfeld on the nation. . Nervous laughter from overexposure to sadism should never have been sold as humor. Michael Cohen may go down for sneaky business of one sort or another. John Dowd probably won’t get nabbed for anything but he should be, just because he acts like and resembles a Vogon magistrate. Maybe they will get Boris Epshteyn for something, maybe a hit that he muffed up. He certainly seems to act like an unregistered Russian agent.

    Mueller is an expert at this sort of thing, and the daft twits he is dealing with are way out of their league. This should only get better.

    1. Good list. I would just add that flamingest a-hole of then all Sebastian Gorka, and maybe lil” Jeffy. And of course Norman Bates..aka Kushner.

  2. I would like to add a lot more but my time is short right now. Add these items together, Hilary,Nato, Ukraine, warm water port, US election, too many candidates and strange bed fellows, fossil fuel and you have the perfect mix

  3. “A virtual apiary of singing canary fish.”

    I think that would be “aviary”. This situation is already surreal enough.

  4. I don’t have a clue. But if I was allowed to dream…

    Mattis revealed as an inside informant since December 2016 and Ivanka Trump testifying in exchange for immunity.

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