By Monday, Someone Will Be Arrested In Trump-Russia Probe

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This is what CNN is reporting.

A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment.

Who’s it going to be?

Most likely, by my guess, in order of liklihood:

1) Manefort
2) Kushner
3) Any one or more of Trump’s lawyers
4) Flynn
5) A random Russian oligarch bank related crook that Mueller was able to lay his hands on
6) Donald Trump Jr.
7) Kellyanne Conway (she is on this list because of how much I want to see her do the perp walk, not because I think she is actually on the list, this high up)

For the record, here is the record. A conversation on August 1st in which we were discussing how long the investigation would take. The first arrest is not the end, or midpoint of the end, so we can’t evaluate … this event that is about to happen may not happen, it may not be a big deal, it may be the whole shebang. Anyway, on facebook:

From Rachel Maddow tonight:

In possibly related news:

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Grilled on Russia Tower Deal
Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Grilled on Russia Tower Deal
Ex-CIA Director Spoke to Mueller About Flynn’s Alleged Turkish Scheme
Former Trump Adviser Carter Page Questioned by Senate Panel

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25 thoughts on “By Monday, Someone Will Be Arrested In Trump-Russia Probe

  1. Mueller had to move fast as the story is falling apart in the media, with his buddy Comey and team Hillary looking bad. Mueller himself could be in trouble with Victoria Toensing’s anonymous client ready to talk to Congress about how the FBI wouldn’t inform Congress about a Russian spy ring pushing the Uranium One deal.

    1. MikeN, you may believe the Faux News conspiracy theories about Clinton, but the evidence is all that matters, and all the evidence will surely indict Trump, his team, and their allies in and beyond the White House.

      And this is not the culmination of Mueller’s “story… falling apart”, it’s simply the first step in a long sequence of ratchettings as the noose tightens around the neck of Trump and his allies.

      One day it will become unavoidably apparent that Team Trump willingly colluded with Russia to skew a US presidential election. This is effectively treasonous activity, and all those who supported Trump and denied the participation and cooperation of the Russians in this – despite the ever-growing mountain of evidence – will be tarred as tacit supporters of traitors. Good luck living with that.

    2. 1st details in the Steele dossier come from “a Senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin.” Putin was feeding disinformation to what we know know was Team Hillary, who paid a law firm who paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele. When Trump skips some steps to save money and sends Bannon and Trump Jr to get info from Russians on Hillary it is called treason, but somehow when Hillary does it this is also treason by Trump.

  2. Is this like how you predicted war with North Korea by Wednesday?

    Manafort was working with the Podesta Group on behalf of Russia. They never registered as foreign lobbyists.

  3. Not sure of the reasons for mikeN’s proclamations about who is looking bad.

    Interesting move — usually it’s the government that releases newsworthy stuff late on a Friday in order to get it under the radar. I wonder what the reason for it is now?

    1. Congress is close to getting bank records from the company behind the Trump dossier(a shady move in my opinion going into methods of opposition party, but they wanted the investigation). That this was the basis for surveillance of Trump’s campaign people has already been reported by CNN. Leon Panetta called for Congress to investigate Hillary and her paying for it. It wouldn’t do to have this be the only story over the weekend that a Hillary campaign opposition research was used to conduct surveillance of her opponent.

    1. He is not going to be indicted by someone from the Justice Department, at this time, for procedural reasons.

  4. Across the GOP and its associates there will be a flurry of computers and tablets having their drives wiped, and USB drives and and mobile ‘phone SIMMs being snapped, trodden-on, burned or flushed. Shredders will be working overtime, and there will be a spike in subscriptions to Blackphone, Wickr and Threema.

    If Mueller and the FBI are on the ball though, they’ll have already mapped the background that would make any such loss of records only serve to implicate further those guilty of deleting documentation.

    I love the smell of executed warrants in the morning in the morning…

    Oh, and anyone want to speculate on why Dana Boente resigned?

  5. Congress is close to getting bank records from the company behind the Trump dossier(a shady move in my opinion going into methods of opposition party, but they wanted the investigation)

    Search for sources for that.


    and similar pro KKK/neo-Nazi/racist/nationalist/racist/dishonest sites. Not going to give the vermin who run them them more web-hits, but it does indicate that the “news” is generated by people who are in the worst categories the US has to offer.

    Given that we know (over the weekend, since they admitted it) that the low-lifes at Free Beacon were the original funders of the dossier work, what should be made of that?

  6. “”

    Free Beacon started the whole shegbang (sp?). From the article

    …the research firm offered in April 2016 to

    continue researching

    Trump for the Clinton campaign and the DNC.


    That (referencing “…Fusion GPS hired a former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, to produce a series of reports alleging links between Russia and those close to Trump. occurred after the firm was retained by a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”)

    The summary of all of this is that the dossier was originally paid for by the right (the scum at Free Beacon). Investigating derogatory information on an opponent, regardless of the sketchy and highly questionable source, is currently one of the more depressing parts of modern political campaigning.

    1. The dossier is the Russia angle, and Steele was hired after Clinton was paying(and WFB exited). WFB was looking at other stuff and more people than Trump, allegedly.

    2. It doesn’t really matter if WFB was the original funder, though it is not good journalism to be hiring outsiders to do research. Bill Kristol wanting to take out Trump is not a surprise.
      Having opposition research used as the basis for investigating political candidates(and this appears to include Bernie’s wife) is not a nice trend.
      You have an opponent. Do some research. Get the FBI to start an investigation. Announce the investigation to hurt your opponent’s chances, and maybe get an opportunity to eavesdrop on his campaign. Leak the things you eavesdropped and that were found in the investigation to hurt your opponent some more.

  7. It does not matter who paid for, initiated, or finished off the dossier. The dossier was researched and assembled by a highly qualified and widely respected former secret agent. It is as good a source as any.

    1. Respected secret agent like the ones who backed up the 16 words in Bush’s speech about yellowcake.
      Only they were never paid, and no report that they paid anyone for the story.

    2. I agree if the dossier is accurate, that would outweigh the source of funding. Though it is not clear there are any crimes even if 100% accurate. It says Trump turned down deals with Russia that were supposed to be part of the cultivation process. Having high level Kremlin people as the source goes against the collusion theory by itself.

  8. News just broke here in Ireland about Manafort being indicted by (one of) Mueller’s grand jury(s) on 12 counts.

    Imma goin’ over to my local petrol station forecourt shop to see if they have any microwave popcorn…

  9. MikeN, no, respected MI5 agent as in led training sessions for the special relationship joint operations against Russia for years, and everyone in the Russia area knows and respect him.

    The dossier does a lot more than you suggest here. You should read it. It outlines clear compromat, and implicates many of the “president’s men” in a collusion plot. It documents that the Russians have been assisting Trump for several years.

    1. I agree he is a respected MI5 agent, and I think head of the Russia desk(The Russia House?).
      The British intelligence about yellowcake was respected too.

      It is possible I missed something in the dossier. Collusion is not a crime, though it is impeachable. Russians assisting Trump for several years is not a crime. Compromat is not a crime(and the dossier says they have it on Hillary too), depending on what it is.

  10. Kapernick opted out of his $15 million dollar agreement for this year. He also is not a good QB and a back up QB at best. He is also a distraction and you’re judged by the company you keep and your actions. Kapernick is not owed anything!

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