Trump Ends Clean Power Plan

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The Trump Administration has just ended the Clean Power Plan.

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s move to start dismantling the Clean Power Plan rule intended to curb carbon emissions that contribute to global warming will not be a quick process.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s announcement Sunday to a group of coal miners in eastern Kentucky that he plans to sign a proposed rule Tuesday rolling back the Obama-era rule is simply the first of a number of steps the agency will have to take.

Proposing a rule to undo a regulation takes the same time-consuming, pain-staking, research-based, legally-defensible process used to adopt the very rule targeted for elimination.

“Today’s proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan just begins the battle,” David Doniger, a climate change expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council, wrote in a blog Monday. “Pruitt’s EPA must hold hearings and take public comment, and issue a final repeal — with or without a possible replacement. He must respond to all legal, scientific, and economic objections raised, including the issues we lay out here.”

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One thought on “Trump Ends Clean Power Plan

  1. This is a good thing.

    First, it was outside the EPA’s enabling legislation.

    Second, it would have been struck down by the Courts anyway (because the EPA had no authority to do what it wanted to do).

    Third, it should have been passed as a law, and not done by executive order.

    So on the whole – I applaud Scott Pruit for starting the process of getting rid of this plan.

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