How FOX treats Christians vs. Muslims

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Not the same.

Muslims must take the blame for all things done by anyone linked to an extreme Islamic group or ideology. Christians have nothing to do with anything, they were just standing there minding their own beeswax.

The video below was fixed by Media Matters for America thusly:

In a notably hypocritical segment on Fox & Friends, the hosts and their guest, David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, attacked media outlets that called on Christian leaders to denounce white supremacy and the recent violence in Charlottesville, VA. Fox & Friends highlighted articles that noted that many white evangelical leaders have been silent since white supremacists in Charlottesville attacked counter-protesters on August 12 and that historically many Christians and Christian organizations have enabled systemic racism, from slavery to Jim Crow and into the current era. Co-host Pete Hegseth asked why the articles were “trying to make that link” and “rush[ing] to say” that “pastors or churches … are to blame.” Fellow co-host Abby Huntsman said that “people are pointing fingers” and “you have some journalists that are blaming white Christians.” And Brody claimed that “the fix is in, if you will, against evangelical Christians, white evangelical Christians in this country.”

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10 thoughts on “How FOX treats Christians vs. Muslims

  1. The two ideologies are very different, and as one of them gave rise to modern civilisation it stands to reason that civilisation’s media will treat the two differently.

  2. No surprise. The “Christians can’t be terrorists” notion is strongly entrenched in society — at least here in West Michigan (it seems to be the same in Wisconsin as well, judging from conversations with relatives and colleagues at UW Milwaukee, UW Madison, and UW LaCrosse).

  3. No Craig, christianity didn’t give rise to modern civilization. The era when that religion was the dominant force in some societies was rightly called the dark ages.

  4. There’s so much wrong with this that it’s difficult to believe the writer has any affiliation to the truth whatsoever.

    If the so-called “white supremacists” were carrying out unprovoked acts of violence, killing innocent members of the public and doing so in the name of Jesus, or shouting “I murder you in the name of God the father, God the son, and God the holy ghost” prior to blowing up themselves and innocent bystanders, then it might be fair to ask Christians to condemn it.

    Clearly this is not what happened.

    What actually happened in Charlottesville was this
    ? whites who are unhappy about their history being destroyed (statues being taken down) exercised their constitutional right to protest, with a permit
    ? a violent rival group organised a counter protest with the tacit approval of the local authority
    ? the police deliberately allowed the violent counter-protesters, consisting of Antifa and others to attack the whites
    ? the whites fought back
    ? later, under circumstances that are still not clear, a car driven by a white supporter accelerated and killed a protester. It was more likely an act of fear and panic than one of hatred, but you’d never know that from watching the TV news

    As for the white supremacists slur, it’s a term that is never defined but the fear of its use is enough to prevent most from even bothering to find out what they – the whites – are unhappy about.

    I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but the following are a few of the complaints whites have.

    They are unhappy at their demographic replacement in their countries.

    They are unhappy that any time they protest against their own demographic replacement, they are demonised as white supremacists and racists. Only whites are stigmatised in this way, and the same people who condemned the Chinese for massive immigration into Tibet, condemn the whites for protesting the same genocide.

    They are unhappy with Muslim immigration. We are supposed to rally behind the #notallMuslims and not notice that it’s only in countries with large Muslim populations that we have terrorists, no-go areas, and industrial scales child abuse – see Rotherham and Newcastle, which are just the most widely known.

    Whites are supposed to accept collective guilt for slavery and ignore the fact that
    ? only a tiny minority of whites owned slaves
    ? we were the first to ban slavery
    ? there were at times more white slaves than black ones
    ? whites around the coasts of Europe were enslaved for centuries by marauding Arabs who would regularly land by boat, loot, rape and take hostages and sell captives into slavery

    Anyone who points out the above is libelled or slandered as a hater, and a white supremacist

  5. “Clearly this is not what happened.”

    Clearly they never said those exact words. However, remember when shrub said that the Iraq war 2 was him doing god’s work?

    The POTUS said what you claim is the equivalent of muslims terrorists. He meant the christian god too.

    “Anyone who points out the above is libelled or slandered as a hater, and a white supremacist”

    No, if you’re a historian you’ll be called a historian. If you#re not, the you only know these things and only say them because you’re a racist fuckwit.

    “but the following are a few of the complaints whites have.”

    Most of those are not solely for whites. So since you make it white identity, you’re yet again proving you’re a racist fuck.

    “and not notice that it’s only in countries with large Muslim populations that we have terrorists, ”

    WRONG. It’s where the religion has the control of government that you get muslim terrorists. In the USA the christians (you know, you guys) who want to make the USA obey gods laws (as interpreted by you insane fundies). However, without that you get lots of terrorists. You just insist they are “lone wolves”.

    FFS, you supported the IRA financially and politically (and with arms) in their terror attacks for overt religion in the UK. Funnily enough, long before muslim terror became an issue in the west.

    ” see Rotherham and Newcastle, which are just the most widely known.”

    See Ozarks and the deep south, which are just the most widely known.

    “we have terrorists, no-go areas, ”

    Not in Rotheram or Newcastle. Or Birmingham, which is what fox news prattled on about.

    Only racist fucks see terrorist when they see muslim. Hence we call you a racist fuck.

  6. You are delusional Galahad. The fact that you find Nazis and white supremacists to merely be “whites unhappy with things” alone is enough to know what kind of person you are (and it isn’t the good kind of person) but your “history erased” comment adds to that by showing that you’re an idiot too.

  7. @ Craig

    The two ideologies are very different, and as one of them gave rise to modern civilisation

    Oh FFS, go open an history book of the Middle-East and Asian civilizations. They are as entitled as Western civilization to be called “modern”, and in most of the case, the driving force was not any form of Christina faith.

    Side note, at the time of Charlemagne, it was better to be a Christian in Harun al-Rashid’s Baghdad than about anything else in Europe. You were less likely to end up a slave, or murdered for your (lack of) faith.

    Also, I question your assumption that Christianity give rise to Western civilization. It had some help from outside influences, and thanks the FSM there were mavericks, loose cannons and other free spirits to fight the statu quo from the inside.
    Saying that modern civilization came to be in spite of Christianity would be going to far, but it was not a relentless drive forward.

  8. “industrial scales child abuse”
    These were not “muslims”. Oh sure, there will have been some among them, but it wasn’t muslim-run in any way.

    Here are some mug shots from another such child porn ring:
    Again, I am sure there will be a muslim among them, but the majority are people *just like you and me*…

    And let’s not forget the worldwide case of the catholic church:

    If you think muslims are the problem, be sure to say that to all of Jimmy Savile’s victims. Looks to me more like the UK having a problem. The various grooming gangs in the UK were long known. Savile’s behaviour was long known. It took forever before something happened.

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