The Lady in the Statue Has Died: RIP Mary

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Mary Tyler Moore has always had a certain amount of grace, and just now, she had the grace to wait until a reasonable time after the spate of celebrity deaths that captivated the Internet for weeks to pass on to the great Newsroom In The Sky.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 3.10.56 PMShe played Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show, but we all know she was REALLY playing Jackie Kennedy if Jackie Kennedy was married to a Comedian in New Rochelle, NY, instead of a President.

Later, she played Mary Richards in the Mary Tyler Moore show, at a time when a lot of people were acting in TV shows named after the actor, not the character. Or did I dream that?

She was in a bunch of other stuff too.

Anyway, Mary died at the age of 80.

Here in Minnesota, she is known as “The Lady in the Statue” by all the Millennials who know the statue but not her work.

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2 thoughts on “The Lady in the Statue Has Died: RIP Mary

  1. She struggled with her Type 1 diabetes for 47 years and was a hero to may like her, including my wife who is now in her 48th year with Type 1. Mary was 33 when she was diagnosed so much damage had already been done. Always one of my fave stars of the time. She will be missed.

  2. She was a lady of beautiful spirit who made our burdens lighter for having helped us to laugh.

    Americans, have you contacted your Congressman and Senators yet? We have to continually fight the illegitimate, incompetent and psychologically ill man who is poised to destroy America. Don’t stop. This is serious. This needs to be at the top of all our priority lists.

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