Tesla’s Insane Mode

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Tesla_insane_modePeter Sinclair has a post on “Passenger’s Reactions to Tesla’s Insane Mode“.

The electric Tesla is a car that actually DOES the stuff other cars can only do in commercials.

I went to a conference a while back and parked my car at that location. A friend and I then walked from there to a nearby hotel for dinner. His car was parked there. His car was a Tesla.

After dinner…

“Let me drive you to your car,” he said.

“My car is right there,” I said pointing to a parking garage a block away.

“Let me drive you to your car in my Tesla,” he said.

So we went to the parking lot his car was in, he gave me an overview of the cockpit, which was pretty amazing. The touchscreen interface was bigger than my TV. Then we drove out of his parking lot and pointed towards my parking lot.

Then he hit the accelerator, and a second later, the brake, and we were there.

Lie this:

I am not a person who is into cars or cares much about acceleration. In fact, I rarely accelerate fast and rarely stop fast. I can drive a car for about five years before I need to change brake pads because I don’t really use brakes that much. (I’m used to driving trucks with no brakes or accelerators in remote regions, so I just drive differently than other people.) But after seeing and experiencing my friend’s car, I laugh inside every time I see a car junkie smirk at “clean/green” cars like they were toys, or something they don’t really want. They want these cars, they just don’t know they want them.

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One thought on “Tesla’s Insane Mode

  1. I want them. And I know I want them. And I put 15,000 watts of PV on my garage roof so I can have them. Soon!

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