Denial of Climate Change Science Is Fading

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Denial of climate change, as seen here, is fast becoming a thing of the past.
Denial of climate change, as seen here, is fast becoming a thing of the past.
Imagine you are a Senator in denial of climate change science and you just won re-election by less than 20% of the vote. In six years, about 10% of your voters will be dead, replaced with a different 10% harvested from America’s youth. The dead old white guys were on board with denying climate change, the new voters want you to address climate change. That 10% shift closes that 20% advantage in your voting base. Your political career is over unless you do something about it. People are changing their minds and politicians will eventually follow.

Peter Sinclair has a post at Climate Denial Crock of the Week on Rick Perry’s apparent shift towards thinking climate change is for real. We recently saw a vote in the Senate that has most Senators admitting it is real, though very few Republicans admitted it is human caused. But a few did. One of the most conservative and traditional entities on the planet, The Vatican, is now telling us that not addressing climate change is immoral. Expect at least some US priests and bishops refusing communion to climate change deniers! (Maybe.) The National Hockey League recognizes global warming as a threat to their sport. Pipelines to transport fossil Carbon-based fuels are seen as less and less viable every day. Even utility bosses now routinely see renewable, clean, energy sources as a big part of the future, and the American Petroleum Institute sees anthropogenic global warming as a major threat to our future, which they acknowledge must be addressed by shifting away from … petroleum!

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One thought on “Denial of Climate Change Science Is Fading

  1. They mostly took the obvious weasel out – OK we were wrong, climate change is real, but it’s nature not man so we don’t need to punish corporations. Meanwhile the Kochs are going to spend near 900M dollars to win nutbar seats in 2016 – and they probably will thanks to voting hindrances for those pesky Democratic voting blacks and hispanics, along with rampant redistricting, and their money has already gone to their good by getting Keystone XL through the senate. Obama will veto it most likely but there are a handful of DINOs that will vote with the GOP to overturn the veto with the necessary majority. So the Kochs are going to be big winners – they are the largest leaseholder of Alberta oil sand properties – although I’m not sure if any have been developed yet, and they have one of the few refineries – conveniently located right where this pipeline will end in Texas, that can handle refining this crap. I hate to think of it as a fait accompli, and I will be only too delighted to eat my words if I’m wrong, but I think it’s going through one way or another, and there will be massive oil spills on it sometime in the following decade (that mixture of bitumen and sand is orders og magnitude more corrosive to a pipeline than normal crude oil is.

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