Nazis in North Dakota

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This story is not getting the attention it probably deserves in national press. Which would be more than zero (I’ve not seen any coverage at all).

Rather than rehashing what has already been summarized elsewhere I’ll just point you to some sources:

The North Dakota Neo-Nazi Take-Over HAS ALREADY HAPPENED

The small town of Leith, North Dakota recently took center stage on social networking sites, even while most media outlets barely reported on the story getting all the buzz. A network of white supremacist groups had come together to purchase properties in the small town, so as to create a majority, using that to springboard into making a “whites only” town.

Leith, North Dakota Council Meeting INVADED by Neo-Nazis (Viewer Discretion Advised)

The Following News “RAW” Video Is Provided By The “GRANT COUNTY NEWS” And “CARSON PRESS” Of Elgin, North Dakota. The video contains “OFFENSIVE” language and “RACIST” remarks from a self-proclaimed “SKINHEAD – NEO NAZI” who invaded the Leith, North Dakota town council meeting on October 18, 2013!

Click through for details, but here’s the video. Turn the volume down. Action starts at 23 seconds or so, and it is pretty much the same crap all along until the last 20 seconds or so when it doesn’t get much more interesting.

But the whole thing is alarming, of course:

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24 thoughts on “Nazis in North Dakota

  1. Remember that rainbow house across the street from the Westboro Batshit Church? I wonder if something along those lines could be done there. Instead of rainbow, just a big Nazis Suck house. Not sure what it looks like, but I feel like it’d have regular nazi flag burnings and recordings of Churchill speeches on coming from big outdoor speakers. Just do everything within the law and have some fun riling up dipshits who probably wouldn’t recognize Winston Churchill if their lives depended on it.

  2. Hell if they can run a prez candidate I may vote for him. Yes he will be a racist Ahole but at least I will get the truth. Unlike the re-Puke-ian Aholes that lie thru their teeth’ as they also hate minorities, women, poor, and most everyone else not xtian while telling us how they are trying to make USA safe for everyone (in the 1%).

  3. Clarification: Yes, this story of the Nazis in North Dakota has gotten press, and I’ve linked to some of that here. What I mean is THIS story …. the protest followed by the plumbing thing and this ranting scary guy at the town meeting story. Thanks for the links, though, here and on Facebook.

  4. Not sure WHY they picked a place like North Dakota for their “whites only” campaign since that state is mostly white anyway. Oops. I mean to say caucasian-american. “white people” is a racist term.

    I certainly have no love for a nazi movement. Isn’t the leaders we have bad enough without adding worse ones? If that is possible. Not sure which one I would vote for. A neo nazi white guy or a guy who is more and more everyday resembling the beast talked about in Revelation. Its a hard pick to choose between evil and EVIL. Don;t forget to get your obamacare sponsered mark of the beast , oops. I mean RFID implant. Well, you can take it if you want. I already have a place picked out which may keep me secure from such things for quite some time. When the crap hits the fan, I have my place picked out to go.

  5. This made the news up here in Canada. I remember seeing something on CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) on one of their news shows as several members of that group are canadian white supremists.

  6. Not sure WHY they picked a place like North Dakota for their “whites only” campaign since that state is mostly white anyway.

    Because they aren’t brave enough to do this in a place where significant numbers of Those People live. SATSQ. Actually, there are several states that are whiter than North Dakota (I live in one of them), but they would likely be even less welcoming of neo-Nazi types than North Dakota is.

    I saw a story on Talking Points Memo a while back mentioning that at least one neo-Nazi family had moved into this town, sometime after the sewer issue, but nothing before this post about going into a town meeting. As for the sewer issue, it’s getting late in the year to deal with issues like that in North Dakota–it’s much better if you get the pipes in before the ground freezes.

  7. I see you have your very own regular trolls now Greg. L.Long has been here before with nothing useful to contribute, and Kevin Sanders seems like he might be a sock puppet of the same person.

  8. Greg @9: I don’t know what part of North Dakota this is in, but much of the state is in a shale oil boom–so much so that in many towns adequate housing is not available at any price. But before the boom hit, many towns on the prairie were gradually being abandoned, so maybe this group picked one of those towns and bought abandoned properties on the cheap.

    Doug @10: I’m aware that northern Idaho has a bit of history along these lines (Ruby Ridge, among other things), but much of Eastern Washington (particularly the Columbia/Yakima/Okanogan Valleys and the Palouse) has enough large-scale agriculture to attract migrant workers from Mexico and points south, and the parts that don’t are, at best, barely able to support ranching. The Hanford site was chosen for nuclear weapons processing because, locals claim, that land was considered so bad that even the local First Peoples deserved better. Which is not to say that you won’t find skinheads here and there–the problem, as Greg notes, is whether they could afford to buy enough property in the area to settle in large clusters. Nor would they want to, with so many migrant workers in the area (and employers of same, who want to keep any skinhead problems under control).

  9. Eric, you are correct about the booms, but my understanding is that this particular area is still a small depressed town that people have been moving out of.

    This is why the plumbing things comes in. The properties were essentially abandoned and thus either cheap on the market or taken by the county or town and up for sale cheap or at auction or whatever.

  10. Eric @12 My wife had 25 acres of mountain top just north of the border from Metaline Falls (just off Hwy 6 between the border and Salmo BC) – the mountain pretty much hugged the border. She’s Jewish and her two sons are 1/2 black from her first marriage. One day while out walking on her property she found 3 empty freshly dug graves. When she called the RCMP and they investigated they told her to abandon everything and get the hell out of there. The graves were meant for her and her kids – the area on the other side of the border was crawling with white supremacists of one sort or another according to the RCMP. There were smuggling trails across her property as well so it could have something to do with that but a good online friend of mine grew up in Metaline Falls and she concurs.

  11. Ya she took a real bath on the property – basically lost her inheritance from her Grandmother as a result. But what can you do, life and family are more precious than money or property. Everyone in the Kootenays here knows how bad it is right across the border. Not in big cities like Spokane or Couer d’Alene – but in small dying towns like Metaline Falls.

    From reading some of David Neiwert’s recent stuff (he also posts on Crooks & Liars now) it seems like Oregon is bad too.

    The Tea Party GOP has been good for the revival of white supremacists.

  12. So when I want to test my neutron bomb, I have the perfect site ready…
    Can we convince these guys that vaccines are part of the Jewish conspiracy? Without herd immunity they will be sitting ducks for the next dangerous flu strain.

  13. In a weird way, I saw this story as comforting. Not comforting for the people who live there, of course.

    I see this as the neo Nazis trying to consolidate. They are being pushed out of every where. No one likes them. In Oregon, a Neo Nazi rally had more mockers and anti-protesters turn up than actual supporters.

    They know they aren’t welcome, so they just consolidate and try to bully a tiny town. It isn’t good for the town, but it is a sign that they are withering away.

  14. Doug Alder @14: sounds like we need stepped up border security in the Kootenays area. If ever there was a case for heavily armed (and trigger-happy) Canadian Border Services Agency patrols, this is it…

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