The evolution of four-winged birds

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…When we look at living species (A and B) that we know shared a common ancestor resembling one of them (A), we can guess that the features seen in A evolved in steps more or less linearly to eventually resemble the corresponding features seen in B. For example, we think that chimpanzees and humans shared a common ancestor that resembled chimps a lot more than humans, and in fact, we consider living chimps to be a pretty close analog to this common ancestor. Chimp teeth are somewhat larger in relation to body size than human teeth, and human teeth have somewhat thicker enamel than chimp teeth. This might suggest that chimp-like teeth transformed over time, step by step, in a linear fashion, to become human-like … slightly smaller and somewhat thicker enameled … over evolutionary time.

That would be a reasonable hypothesis, but it would be wrong. When we look at the teeth found among fossil remains of human ancestors and their relatives, we clearly see that the creatures that arose form a chimp-like ancestor bore teeth are as different from both chimp and human teeth as one might see anywhere in the fossil record of mammals evolving over a few million years. …

Read all about it here in my latest post on 10,000 Birds.

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3 thoughts on “The evolution of four-winged birds

  1. @ David Henninger
    I hope this will help you explain Human evolution not only to a creationist but also to an … evolutionist:

    Religious belief is not the answer to anything since is associated with a fabricated reality. That said, it is very easy to figure out on your own why Darwinian evolution is a myth with no bases in reality. To begin with, the fact that a chimpanzee’s genes are “too similar” to ours is just one of the dozens of huge problems with the theory of evolution. Similar genes do not explain the differences, so what do you do now.

    Similar genes does not mean we have evolved from apes. It’s like the Lego game. We use the same pieces to built different objects. Same genes were used to build different life forms.

    You do not have to be a molecular biologist or a geneticist to figure out that Darwinian evolution does not make any kind of sense. All you need to do is to look at the male and female anatomy and physiology, and ask yourself the following question: how was it possible to have male sex organs in one body shaped to work with female sex organs in a different body by the way of natural selection? How comes that specific male reproduction physiology is designed to operate in conjuncture with specific female physiology, all that supposedly accomplished during an alleged process of adaptation to changes in the environment? Not every one of us is proficient in genetics, but anyone could take a moment and seek to understand what every one of us can observe.

    As conclusively explained in an e-book recently released and called A Time of Change, since everything in the universe, life forms included is energy and information, the only science that could explain the origin of everything is quantum physics. It also explains something positivist materialist scientists like Richard Dawkins deny existing: the spiritual aspect of reality. The material is a form of low-frequency energy, and Einstein made that very clear for us. The spiritual is not ghosts and poltergeists, as suggested by Dawkins, but a form of super-fine energy that vibrates at a very high frequency. This is where to source code for everything material comes from. That is Plato’s world of Forms, a world that has preponderance over the so-called material world, and which is the only real world. You cannot understand the material if you deny the existence of what we call “the spiritual.” When conditions were ripe on our planet, more complex source codes would manifest in the material.

    There is no such thing as evolution of the material, and biology, genetics, and quantum physics more than attest to that. In the end, both religion and the materialist scientist accomplish the same thing: they keep man ignorant of his spiritual aspect, the only one that matters. That false perception of reality is the source of the state of crisis we have been experiencing for thousands of years now. In the end, this is how you control man: by keeping him ignorant of his true potential and purpose. (

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