What Does The George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict Mean?

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First, I want to say this to George Zimmerman and his lawyer. Stop whining. You are the one who chose to kill someone, and did so, then got away with it. It is not you who lost or who has had your life torn apart or taken away or anything like that. So stop being the damn victim. No one is going to hunt you down and kill you. That’s you, George. That’s you who hunts down and kills people. Other people, generally, don’t do that. No one is going to hunt you down and kill you or in any other way bother you. Having said that, it is true that much of the part of humanity that is aware of your existence will view you as a dangerous monster for the rest of your life, but I’m thinking that you view this as a good thing because you are the guy who hunts down and kills people. I think that is all I want to say to whiny George Zimmerman and hid Whiny Lawyer.

The big concern now is this: Black will riot in cities across the land and/or mainly whitish vigilantes will flood the streets and shoot anything with a hoodie.

For the most part neither of these things will happen. If there is one thing we’ve learned from the last few decades of changes in gun laws, sudden and dramatic events related to firearm use and abuse, etc. is that a) the brownish people never really go to the streets to kill all the whitish people and b) the gun nuts never really change what they do or the rate at which they do it. And, I’ll add c) criminals and miscreants don’t pay much attention to any of this stuff. Nothing is going to happen.

I’m not saying that there isn’t going to be change. The Zimmerman trial outcome has actually helped to galvanize the anti-gun lobby a little bit, and that lobby was already in action. If anything, this event may bring into the fold a few groups that were not already as engaged. It turns out that the youth are at constant risk of being killed or maimed in this country by older males with firearms, and that this risk applies across levels of privilege, variations in skin tone, regions of the country, urban vs. rural, and all of that.

For young people in the United States, your chance of being killed by a firearm-wielding adult male, in a fire arms accident, or by a self inflicted gunshot, is much higher than the chance of dying of any disease. Guns are the new polio. Guns are the new small pox. Guns are the new plague.

Two things are starting to dawn on the American population. First, we are realizing that the possession of handguns as a constitutionally protected right to stave off an oppressive government is a failed fantasy. Imagine having the right to free speech but everyone’s larynx is removed routinely at birth. Imagine having the right to free assembly and due process but we are locked in separate cages at the age of ten forever. Absurd ideas, aren’t they? We are guaranteed the right to stave off an oppressive government by having a right to own firearms. That worked great with the Patriot Act. The NSA … they never considered spying on American citizens because HANDGUNS. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies will never use Drones on US soil because …. hey, wait a minute …

The second thing we’ve come to realize is that guns are actually very very dangerous. For a couple of generations we’ve grown up with “bang bang you’re dead” style entertainment on TV and in movies, and I think a lot of people don’t realize what really happens when someone pulls the trigger. People don’t experience the temporary (or not) loss of hearing from the sound (especially in a closed space), the smell of the explosion that happens inside the gun, the smell of the blood that spills of the floor. When you ears start to hear again after the shots, there is the sound of the screaming or moaning or incredulous ranting (“You shot me, you shot me, I can’t believe you shot me”) followed by some sort of silence, the silence of a severely wounded person, the silence of a brooding son or daughter with a minor injury to the flesh but a permanent injury to their psyche having just been shot at by daddy, or the silence a person makes when they lie unconscious and bleeding out, or the silence of a corpse.

But now we have soldiers, many more soldiers, among us who know that guns are real and “bang band you’re dead” is not. We have an increasing awareness of an increasing number of incidents in which all the people in a school or all the people who went to see a movie or all the people who visited their candidate for Congress or some other thing suddenly experience the terror of the blasting, the smells, the screaming, the different kinds of deathly silence, and in many cases, personally experience the tearing and exploding flesh, with the lucky ones perhaps being those who are killed quickly by some guy who has expressed his constitutional right to bear arms by firing as many bullets as possible into a crowd.

The Zimmerman verdict moves us measurably closer to effective gun control. This is not the way we should be moving away from the Middle Ages and towards a Civilized World, but it is in fact the only way we seem to be moving. There will be more stand-your-ground shootings, more archaic laws, more unjust verdicts, more mass shootings, all against the background of something close to 3,000 firearm assisted youth suicides and a somewhat larger number of deadly gunshot wounds during crime and street fighting, and no effect on what the government or big corporations do to repress or exploit the average person and no invasions from Canada or Mexico that could only be stopped by a “well regulated militia.” And every now and then some truly good guy will shoot a truly bad guy, stopping the bad guy from doing something truly bad, and people will notice that a handful of such cases against thousands and thousands of gun related deaths a year is not worth it.

Above all, and please never lose sight of this, guns are toys. We are talking about the preservation of the right to play with specific toys, and the right to extend that play into the street and to involve people who did not want to play with these toys to begin with. Stand your ground is a game, it is boys with their toys playing cops and robbers. Boys with their toys build forts in their homes and protect them from invasion. Boys with their toys get together in groups and go out on the street to play army. Boys with their toys collect toys and take them apart and put them together and clean them until they are shiny. Boys with their toys go to big meetings with other boys and trade and sell and exchange and show off. Boys with their toys go to galleries where they can practice and raise their scores.

George Zimmerman was a boy with his toy, and he played cops and robbers, and Treyvon Martin died because he did not follow Zimmerman’s instructions to stand down. Half this country thinks it is OK for a boy like George to take his toy into the street and make other people play and kill them when they do not. The other half is appalled. That second half, it’s growing.

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51 thoughts on “What Does The George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict Mean?

  1. I wish you would be right about this helping gun control, but I suspect it might be the opposite. It seems to me this is a huge win for he NRA who crafted the “stand and shoot laws”. The message it sends is “if you have a gun you can protect yourself and however much you created the situation, there will be no repercussions so get yours now”.
    What I see coming out of this is people like GZ becoming bolder. Not a good time to have skin that protects you against the sun.

  2. What might help is if insurance companies refuse to cover wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits when firearms are involved or even allowed. Insurance carriers in Kansas just did that in refusing to cover schools where teachers had concealed carry permits.

    If property can’t be insured, then it can’t be used as collateral for loans.

  3. GIVE ME A BREAK !!! These are the same blacks who were celebrating in the streets when O J Simpson got away with killing two white citizens. Remember, George Zimmerman is also a minority, but because he is not black he is considered white. Obama is called black, when in fact he is only partially black. I’ll bet money that the majority of tthe protesters that we see every day are living off of the government, which is why they have time to protest, instead of getting a job.

  4. I like the insurance angle

    Jerrym, no, nobody’s going to give you a break. You are racist scum, STAND DOWN!!!!

    Also, we’re gonna take away your guns.

  5. It means that despite a corrupt media whipping up race frenzy by “garden picking” facts to suit its purpose (then hiding behind the 1st Amendment should it incite violence), and despite a corrupt prosecutor’s office, and despite a US President who indirectly targeted and PRE-JUDGED a citizen who is supposed to be presumed innocent, a brave and obviously intelligent jury impartially looked at ALL the facts (even those the Prosecutor’s office tried to hide), and determined that this man acted in self defense when he was “sucker punched” and viciously beaten by a punk kid who claimed he was being followed. btw following someone, unless there is a pattern focused on an individual is NOT a crime. Furthermore, isn’t the natural response to being followed to move away and evade, versus attack?

  6. What the GZ trial tells me is that there are at least 12 others who would do the same thing. And where there is 12 there are a lot more. Be afraid, very afraid.

  7. “Greg Laden” I think it’s YOU who are “racist scum.” “Jerrym” said noting racist, he only cited fact, and offered an opinion; it’s just DIFFERENT from yours. Isn’t THAT why you hate him, even calling him “Racist Scum.” It’s liberals like you who ignore the facts, and hear only what you want to hear. You pathetic libs see “racism” in virtually everything, you’ve even gone so far as to label Mr. Zimmeran a “WHITE Hispanic,” makes it easier to bulls eye a fellow citizen even BEFORE he’s had a trial, eh? I suppose it’s simply an inconvenient fact that Zimm went to his HS prom with a ….black girl! Yeah, what a “racist.” You need to craw back under your rock and stay there before you do even more damage to the progress this country has made in race relations…stay under your rock you pathetic little man.

  8. Hey greg laden, why dont you come and take my gun. I have a conceal permit and I am never without it. Anyone who means to do me or a member of my familyany harm will find out that they made a big mistake. Evidently you have never read the constitution. And NO I am not a racist. I have black friends who work for a living and are law abiding citizens like me. And my son-in-laws sister is married to a black man. When was the last time you took a walk in a neighborhood where you didn’t belong.? Two of my friends are in law enforcement and before the trial ended, they both said that GZ was innocent. and to llong, there were only six on the jury. Pay attention to the facts.

  9. I agree with the gentleman that said I carry a gun and if you break into my house or confront me in the streets to cause me any harm i have 5 children to protect it’s me or you and me and my family will be going home.now I do agree to Trayvon Martin should not of Lost his life.I was not there the night it happened and neither was anybody else except for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman but in my opinion if you go to do me harm and you see I have a gun you should definitely stand down if you do not have one because I will not lose my life.

  10. Jerrym, judging by his race baiting article Mr. Laden clearly hates anyone who doesn’t think like he does…as warped and irrational as it is. (btw looks like a little wimp in his photo) I’ll bet he’d quickly cower physically when confronted by anyone armed with facts and logic; that’s why I said he needs to stay under his hateful little rock. Also, i’ll bet HE lives in a safe little upper class neighborhood where the biggest concern is a neighbor spilling her recyclables in the street on trash day.

  11. What this verdict means is no one can in Florida walk down the street! your kids my kids can’t get off the bus walk home, you can’t run out of gas without the possibility of anyone following you and legally killing you! No matter of race! Think about it! Who actually had the right to defend themselves, I’d be concerned if i was walking down the street and someone was following me or if my kids called me saying some man was following them! Face it zimmerman was looking for trouble! I hope all you gun nuts that this doesn’t happen to your kids! Between the gun nuts and the religious cuckoos this world is doomed! instead of being progressive your dragging us back to the cavemen days!

  12. Sorry about the long period of moderation for new commenters, folks, I was in the car for the last several hours winding my way around floods and stuff.

    Carry on!

  13. Jerry I did not know at that time about Florida’s oddness on juries. And beside few would have got the reference.
    Also having taught self defense for some years, the 1st thing taught ‘don’t go looking for trouble’.
    Also if you defend yourself with a weapon greater then what is used against you, be prepared to face a hard trial.
    And As far as I can tell this kids only crime is being black and being seen by a religious bigot…”following gawds plan!” my ass!! He’s lucking it wasn’t me, cuz I’d still be dead but Before dying I would have done my best to get some of my blood into his mouth, and then wished him a long suffering life as he got AIDS. Might not be self defense but revenge is sweet served cold.
    And jerry guess what they call a gun concealed in a purse? A really bad club. Guess what they say about guys carrying concealed? Bet I can get you 1st!

  14. “And As far as I can tell this kids only crime is being black and being seen by a religious bigot…” Did you even watch the trial? Judging by your dopey comments, I don’t think so. And if you did, apparently you don’t understand that when someone ambushes and “sucker punches” you, and then continuously bangs your head into cement when your down you have a right to use deadly force IF you believe your life is in danger. Now, I don’t know about you, but most reasonable people would reasonably assume their life was in danger in such a situation. (maybe you wouldn’t, perhaps the AIDS you mentioned affects your cognitive process?) Again, there is NO law saying Zimm couldn’t follow “the child.” However, there is a law preventing attempted murder, even by 17 yo, 5’9 “children.” Just b/c someone is following you is NOT a license to try and murder them, perhaps he would be alive today IF his parents properly socialized him. It sounds to me like Mr. Martin needed serious counseling more than anything else. If anyone was hostile here, it looks like it was “the child.” btw, there have been 17 yo decorated combat veterans, oh, I mean “children.”

  15. This was a win because as long as the media colors everything to their own agenda, we have a problem. Put another way, if a big hurricane was brewing the mediia would switch gears. I don’t what I am talking about? I worked in that world and they are chameleons and do what is best for them.

    I wish Trayvon were still alive but convicting Zimmerman would have opened Pandora’s Box for mob rule.

  16. The Stand Your Ground law was not part of this trial, IIRC, is that not true?

    Meanwhile, dear gun nuts: You may think you are going to protect yourself against me by carrying around your pistol but from any distance at all I can drop you before you even see me coming. If I had a rifle. So, how do you defend against that?

  17. All of you liberals are against the death penalty, right? Why should a murderer be given the gift of life for 20-30 years while he goes through the appeal process. Anyone convicted of first degree murder, where there were witnesses to the killing, should be hung IN PUBLIC. Countries with the least crime are the countries with the harshest penalties.
    You’re all a bunch of Monday Morning Quarterbacks. YOU weren’t there, !!! All that you know is what the liberal TV stations tell you. Nancy Grace had GZ guilty weeks before the trial was over. Same for HLN.The jury had all the facts and if I’m not mistaken, it was not a all white jury.

  18. Well MJD I’m willing to bet that you are of the white privileged class so there is no chance you need fear a ass like Zimm. There are only three parts that are of interest.
    1-he DID NOT have to follow.
    2-What the kid was doing WAS NOT Zimms Business.
    3-What happened had how many witnesses????
    The kid may have jumped Zimm but Zimm made that choice by putting his bigoted nose where it did not belong.
    Phuck Zimm and his whining ass.
    Yes the kid made a mistake too, but the kids actions I understand. Zimm was an ass asking for it.
    In my self defense classes the 3rd rule is ‘run like hell and go to the nearest public lighted area.’ That may be what the kid should have done but I do not know the area so it may not have been possible.
    As for Zimm? I wish him a long and guilt-filled life, filled with nightmares.
    Larry…Why? If the girls convicted him, then he’s convicted. why is that a pandora and letting him go is not???

  19. Hey Steve, you got it right. IF I had a rifle. You cant walk around with a rifle.Know the laws. And if you had a rifle, you would probably shoot yourself in the foot. On the other hand, I have years of experience with firearms, including doing my own reloading.. So after you fire your rifle and miss, I WON’T.
    I take my grandson to Karate classe twice a week and they are taught to only use it for self defense.

  20. When Zimmerman didn’t go to the stand and scream (like on the recording) that is when the honest people knew it was murder.
    As far as the lying bigots go, fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

  21. Some people on this thread seem to be looking so hard at bits of bark they don’t see the wood let alone the trees. Here is the problem. A white man can gun down a black youth in very dubious circumstances and almost not come to trial let alone get convicted. What do you think would have happened if it had been a black man that shot a white youth. You think it would have been the same verdict? You think all you Zimmerman shills would be singing the same tune? Jerym mentioned OJ Simpson, another man who probably should have been convicted. Why wasn’t he? because you had a black Jury who had learned the hard way that the justice system is totally biased against them, that it harasses them more for no reason, and it had given them no reason to trust it. an attitude that was totally confirmed in the trial. Their verdict was sane in terms of what they knew of the justice system. Why should they trust it? This trial shows we have not advanced much since then. Just to give an example – marijuana usage is the same for blacks and whites, yet blacks are four time more likely to be arrested and sent to jail for its use. This happens even in the most enlightened of states. This is not of course the only disparity in the justice system, the rich get much better served than the poor. the bigger and more white collar your crime is, the more likely you are to get away, or even get a loan from the government to fix your crimes.

  22. I would be very interested to see the graph of percentage of US citizens who have seen someone shot in real life vs. time. I imagine you’d have rapid increases with wars (size of spike depends on number of Americans fighting) followed by a slow decrease as veterans die, plus “mini-spikes” due to immigration from places that have been in wars that the US wasn’t.

    There would be a baseline level of people who have seen non-war shootings, which was dramatically higher before the late C19th (when there was still a frontier in the West), and is currently due to crime/police action (mainly) and accidents. However, the actual level never gets to the baseline as the US usually gets into another war while there are still a large number of veterans of the previous one living.

    I suspect the highest it’s been was in either the 1780s or 1865, though the largest *number* was probably just post-Korea or maybe post-Vietnam (when most of the veterans of WW2 were also still alive).

    tl;dr: Large numbers of Americans having seen real violence (certainly in the numbers we have now) is not new.

    There may be an argument to be made about entertainment, but people have been getting shot in movies for 100 years now.

  23. “The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may
    exercise it by themselves, …that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property, and freedom of the press.” Thomas Jefferson writing to Major John Cartwright June 5, 1824

    One punch can kill. Here’s a list of over 200 one punch homicide victims. http://tinyurl.com/pyphqxz

    To the “Justice for Treyvon” crowd: How many times will you allow a 17 year old to punch you in the head and slam said head into concrete?

    The antis always go to far. Taking self-defense off the table is absurd.

    Greg, I’m sorry you didn’t have any toys growing up. Molon Labe.

  24. Michael, the whole race thing is a bullshit issue. Biologically skin color has to do with relative benefits (according to location) of sun protection vs vitamin D absorption, but regrettably it plays a ridiculous role in society owing to history. Obama is at least as white as he is black, but the fact most people think of him as black rather than white just illustrates that screwed up thinking.
    Ron, To the “Justice for Treyvon” crowd: How many times will you allow a 17 year old to punch you in the head and slam said head into concrete?
    You can say that but you cannot know that is the facts of the case. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else except for Z know what happened. What we can say for sure is that if Z had not gone out that night armed and looking for trouble, TM would still be alive and Z would not have gone to trial. I don’t think anyone applauds what happened that night. Up to now Z has accepted no responsibility in this tragedy. Lets us suppose for the sake of argument, that Z grabbed TM, TM was scared because he had been followed by this creepy guy who then grabbed him. Would he have had a right to thwack Z in self defense? If not why not? If so, and given that is this is quite a likely scenario for future confrontations, how do we right laws so this kind of ridiculous situation does not occur again?

  25. Ring my doorbell after dark and I will have one hand on the doorknob and the other hand will be holding a firearm. Here in Florida anyone has the right to shoot someone forceing their way into your home. STAND YOUR GROUND LAW in florida. Anyone who wants to commit a carjacking should go to Illinois where firearms are not allowed. Try it in Florida and you may get to meet Jesus.

  26. @ #29…I did say that.
    A) Z is armed daily. Doesn’t mean he’s “looking for trouble”. Following is not a crime and the path he desired didn’t accommodate vehicles, so he got out. There was 4 minutes where GZ lost visual contact, then he was punched, according to the facts of the trial.
    B) True. Nobody applauds what happened.
    C) Z made multiple statements (4-6) to police without counsel. He took immediate responsibility.
    D) In your hypothetical, if person A “grabs” person B, person B has a right to self defense (especially if verbal threats are being made by A).
    E) Why do you think that laws prevent situations from occurring? The State can not make you safe. Even a restraining order will not keep you safe. Even the SCOTUS has ruled that Police have NO DUTY to protect you. http://tinyurl.com/d3vdjlf ( a restraining order case)

  27. Jerrym, sounds like you have a miserable life.

    “All of you liberals are against the death penalty, right? Why should a murderer be given the gift of life for 20-30 years while he goes through the appeal process. Anyone convicted of first degree murder, where there were witnesses to the killing, should be hung IN PUBLIC. Countries with the least crime are the countries with the harshest penalties.
    You’re all a bunch of Monday Morning Quarterbacks. YOU weren’t there, !!! All that you know is what the liberal TV stations tell you. Nancy Grace had GZ guilty weeks before the trial was over. Same for HLN.The jury had all the facts and if I’m not mistaken, it was not a all white jury.”

    I am 100% against the death penalty. If someone killed me i wouldnt want them to get it.

    And eye-witnesses? you do know they are just about the worst evidence possible, right?

    Also you cant state things as fact without evidence, so im gonna assume all your statements are false until you show me otherwise.

  28. As a self-proclaimed atheist, you above all, Mr. Laden, should value evidence particularly as it applies to a court of law. Instead, it appears you’re hopping on the bandwagon of the leftist media by arguing the unfortunate death of young Trayvon Martin was premeditated in the wake of completely insufficient evidence. Fortunately for America, a scrupulous judicial system trumps the inflammatory and non-vindictive rhetoric of your lot every time.

  29. LLong – “Well MJD I’m willing to bet that you are of the white privileged class so there is no chance you need fear a ass like Zimm.” then, There are only three parts that are of interest.1-he DID NOT have to follow (No Law Against -mjd)
    2-What the kid was doing WAS NOT Zimms (Many disagree considering Zimms neighborhood was repeatedly burglarized by “children” as you libs call them -mjd )
    3-What happened had how many witnesses???? (Enough to convince an intelligent jury that the facts overwhelmingly supported Zimms version of events – mjd)

    You say “White privileged Class?” lol! typical divisive lib talk! If anyone is “privileged” here its “the child.” Five Americans were murdered in Benghazi and this Administration’s response is “Benghazi who?” One black punk thug picks yet another fight but this time with a guy that has a gun, and the President of the US gets involved…who is “privileged” again?

  30. L.Long – “Phuck Zimm and his whining ass.” I can only say that I honestly hope that one day you will experience getting your head banged into concrete after getting sucker punched JUST b/c you dared to follow someone. Judging by your past comments, who knows, such an experience (if you survived) might acutualy improve your bizarre thinking. In the meantime, “phuck” your whiny pathetic ass.

  31. Ron you are wrong, Z still has not taken responsibility, he thinks what happened that night is fine, and as far as I an tell he would do it again. Even if he was in some way not guilty, he had a major role in the death of a juvenile, and he does not seem to appreciate that apart from guilt, maybe he had a share in what led up to it and could have handled himself in a different way.

  32. The Zimmerman verdict just provides additional proof that my right to go about my life without fear that the next person coming down the street is not some emotionally damaged and unbalanced creature who is going to pull out his legal gun and shoot me in the midst of some hallucination, or that an unconvicted killer like George Zimmerman won’t decide I don’t belong on that street, start to push me around, and shoot me when I push back, has been sacrificed to the bogus right of gun fanatists and gun fetishists to carry guns where they will and, as the Zimmerman case shows, use them to take life without facing any consequence.

    Why is my right to live in a society where I do not need to fear the next stranger crossing my path is secondary to the whatever ever kind of emotional fix it is that these gun lovers get from their weapons?

  33. Sailor,
    I’m sure you understand that he has had limited public exposure. He did, however, do an interview with Hannity (not his best moment).

    What action are you desiring Z to take in order to “take responsibility”?

    Is this the Angela Corey version of the new anti gun-rights buzz word “responsibility”? She stated after the trial that people who use firearms should do so “responsibly”, as if to say that if you defend your own life with a weapon, you should willingly be jailed.

    Video here (start at 17:30) http://tinyurl.com/ofxupf3

  34. #37 Ya! RRRright, a black kid is stalked and killed some ‘privileged kid’ he is. Oh I see getting shot by a white guy is a privilege!!! Got It.

    #38…NEVER HAPPEN because I would never do what that asshole did. Also ‘bashed his head on concrete’ Totally believable, Ya right. Despite what they show on TV get your head bashed on concrete and going for a gun is not all that easy. But shooting then hitting your own head on concrete is easy and believable. Prove me wrong! Where you there? Oh that’s right NO WITNESSES.

  35. Ron, simple. Neighborhood watches should carry phones, not guns, they should report, not follow. If they feel so nervous they need to be armed, let them carry some cs gas. No one ends up dead.

  36. look you say you have a right to defend yourself i agree! At your home, business, car your family! You don’t have a right to stalk someone walking down the street minding their own business doing nothing wrong stop them or question them….Especially if your not a police person, again ask yourself if someone did that to you and you don’t know how zimmerman approached Martin either? Who has the right the right to defend themselves? And adult approaching a 17 yr old kid and yes he is a kid….zimmerman has a long history of a chronic cop caller and was a wanna be cop who couldn’t pass the psych test! hmmm? I am in enforcement and deal with zimmermans all the time! Again he has no right none to stop anyone walking down the street! If this happened on my watch i would have arrested him on the spot! Again alot of you are missing a huge point! We all have a right to walk down the street and to defend our selfs just not in this manner…….This was second degree murder

  37. Mike @ #44…Not only that but the police DO NOT have the right to stop you just cuz they are a pack of bigots too. They have the power to do so and they do but they do not have the right, well OK they have the right if you are darker then white, because the ‘white power base’ is scared spit-less by anyone darker then white.
    But in this case I know Zimm is guilty just like OJ is most likely guilty., they got off and are allowed to live free. They don’t scare me as I’m white and will not be walking at night anywhere Zimm or his like will be, in OJ’s case no fear there as I am not blond or female. And in Zimm’s case and for others like him, the rest of you darker than white…Be afraid.

  38. Why is it that the media only showsTM at age 14? Have any of you seen a recent photo? I have. And you will be amazed at the differance. The idiots believe the news media, and the smart folks believe the facts. How many of you watched the complete trial? I put it all on TVO and saw it all. The prosecutors did a terrible job . Why else would the defense use a prosecutor’s witness as a defense witness.?????

  39. Long – “get your head bashed on concrete and going for a gun is not all that easy.” and you KNOW this because? lol! However, judging by your bizarre talk I could be convinced that (perhaps early on in life) you indeed did have your head banged against something very very hard.

  40. Long – “Oh that’s right NO WITNESSES.” No knucklehead, that was the punk’s problem, there WERE witnesses, enough to convince an intelligent jury that Zimm was telling the truth. Of course we also may surmise that, judging by the majority of the black communitay’s reaction, NO amount of evidence would have swayed a black jury from convicting this guy; which is why most thinking people will never take them seriously.

  41. Long – Where’s your “outrage” at all the black kids killed in cities like Chicago during the VERY same week this thug was killed? Exactly where have you posted re these other deaths? Where was Jesse J and that genius A. Sharpton? Where was their outrage over the killings of true innocents? This is one big reason why most thinking people (of ALL colors) will never take phony’s like YOU and other black & lib race hustlers seriously…never.

  42. joncr – “The Zimmerman verdict just provides additional proof that my right to go about my life without fear that the next person coming down the street is not some emotionally damaged and unbalanced creature who is going to pull out his legal gun and shoot me in the midst of some hallucination” I think it’s YOU who are “emotionally damaged” and “hallucinating!” Did you even WATCH the TRIAL? judging by your tarded comments I doubt it. Would you be equally scared of a black mob coming after you? Or a white mob for that matter, AFTER you had a FAIR trail, ALL evidence was considered, (EVEN the evidence the Prosecutors office ILLEGALLY tried to withold b/c the FACTS were not to their advantage. No, people like you are for MOB RULE, and one day you’ll find out why most civilized people frown on that here. Maybe you should go to some African or Middle Eastern country where MOB rule is the law, bet you’ll be happier there.

  43. Noted Atheist Richard Dawkins is quoted on page 131-132 of his book “River out of Eden” as saying the following:

    “In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won’t find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. ”

    It is interesting to see people who espouse this view of a random, purposeless, indifferent world becoming upset when evolved stardust formation GZ destroys evolved stardust formation TM. Justice assumes a difference between good and evil, justice and injustice. Where is the objective moral standard where we should derive these concepts from?

    Dawkins, at least, attempts consistency. Either there is true and false, or the world is as Dawkins says, blind, pitiless indifference.

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