Gun Violence Conversations

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A handful of media items on guns and gun control:

John Stewart on the Daily Show talks about it here.

Inside Baseball and Gun Ownership: Double checking the political footnotes.

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Women Against Guns on FOX (LA):

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

Ted Nugent is better than you could ever be (according to him):

Ron Pinciaro – CT Against Gun Violence:

John Hartwell welcomes Ron Pinciaro, Executive Director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, to Stream of Conscience. In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, gun violence and how to stop it has come to the forefront all across the nation. Legislators at the state and federal level are wrestling with how to reduce the epidemic of gun violence while balancing the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Ron is at the center of this discussion in Connecticut and he talks about what CAGV is doing to organize support for sensible gun safety legislation to address this issue.

Filmed in The Studio for Acting, Singing, and Video in Westport, CT on January 4th, 2013

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