Rodney King is Dead

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Rodney King was found at the bottom of a swimming pool, current reports indicate. He is dead at the age of 47. There are no details.

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5 thoughts on “Rodney King is Dead

  1. Wow. WTF? I mean, I guess I’d rather it was an accident rather than foul play or suicide. (Although suicide may be a potentially somewhat rational choice, whereas the other to involve losing life against one’s will.) Regardless, I can’t help but feel bad for Rodney King.

    I wonder how long before I hear the first racist reaction somewhere.

  2. I remember him calling for calm and nonviolence during the LA riots. I’ve read that he had a troubled life, but I prefer to remember him during that noble thing.

  3. @Woof — He was not a shining example of a human being, as many people seem to bring up constantly whenever anyone talks about the 1992 riots (as if the riots really were about Rodney King, which they weren’t (he was just the spark), but whatever).

    He may well have been an example in some other way, but you don’t hear about it, you only hear about his arrests for drunk driving and other drunken behavior. As far as I know, however, he did go through rehab and tried to clean up.

  4. I think his call for calm and against violence is all the more profound for having come from a troubled and damaged person.

    I read comments about his death in various forums and it made me wish for that planet-destroying asteroid we’ve been hearing so much about…

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