A Conversation With Some Bloggers

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Rebecca Watson of Skepchick joins several Free Thought Blogs bloggers to discuss sexual harassment at skeptics/freethought/atheist conferences, especially apropos TAM and DJ Grothe.

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2 thoughts on “A Conversation With Some Bloggers

  1. Thanks, this was enormously encouraging. I’m one of the newcomers the panel mentioned, and I’ve been appalled at the cesspool of misogyny into which I’ve apparently waded. I do realize that this isn’t the entire movement, and I keep reading the various FtBs and similar blogs due to the intelligence, insight, and humor of the bloggers. Still, it seems impossible to take part in the movement without dealing with this hostile behavior. It seems to me that there are two major strains in the movement: one that understands the importance of social justice in a movement that would replace religion, and one that seems to prefer libertarian self-congratulation. From an outsider’s perspective, the first group would be a lot more effective if it divorced itself from the second.

    Maybe it’s different for people coming from more traditional religions, but if I compare atheism to UUism, it seems to me that both have a core of people with whom I agree about morality and atheism. The other half of the two movements differ greatly– there’s plenty of belief in woo among UUs, which occasionally makes me roll my eyes. But I’d rather deal with woo and generosity of spirit than with the vocal group of atheists who seem to lack that generosity.

  2. Ive been reading FTB since it started, i was astonished at the shitstorm over Rebbecca’s very mild, “guys, dont do that” but this is even more insane. I think it was you, Gregg, that said, in the debate, these probelems of harrasment are decades old, and for the most part have been dealth with (althought it hasnt stoped harrasment happening people do have recourse) with policies that protect people in the work place. For freethinker skeptics and progressives, we not only should have them,in place, but they should setting the standard, by which all other policies should be measured.
    As for upskirt photography guy, im suprised no one took the liberty of finding out what the inside of his arse looked like through the medium of his own camera on a stick.
    I also dont beleive for an instant that that, having been reported, anyone could forget about it.

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