Sungudogo: Front Matter

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Plate I: The region of Central Africa where most of this story takes place.


This work is dedicated to my friend Sarah Moglia.

It is also dedicated to my loyal readers who will take this opportunity to … oh never mind.

This work is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person living or dead is purely coincidental. Much of the story takes place in the Eastern Congo and the Great Western Rift Valley and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, although there may or may not have been the occasional accidental border crossing into a neighboring country.


The incidents recounted in this story are true, to the best recollection of those telling the story. This manuscript was found on a boat floating in a lake in Northern Minnesota. There were no living souls found on that boat, yet the people who found the manuscript claim to have had a strong sense that they were being watched. The incidents associated with the story told here is still under investigation but it has been classified as Top Secret by INTERPOL. If you find yourself in possession of a copy of this manuscript you are required by international law to hand it over to the most readily available federal or national authorities in the nation where you are. Unless you are in the Congo, in which case you should burn the manuscript immediately. But actually, it is probably too late for you.


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