Sungudogo: A Novel for the Secular Student Alliance Fundraiser

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The Next Post on this blog is the first post of many that will collectively comprise a novel called “Sungudogo: A Novel”

This novel is being given to you, dear reader, in order to obligate you to … oh never mind.

Please enjoy this work. If you would like, feel free to make suggestions in the comments about what you would ultimately like to happen in this work. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to address your suggestions, but if you demonstrate that you’ve donated $100 or more to the SSA, your advice about the plot, what happens to the character, etc. will be taken very seriously.

I will be posting approximately every hour, until the novel is done. This is probably going to take somewhat over 24 hours. Does anyone ever know how long their novel is going to be?

… Enjoy…

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