Johnny Herndon for County Commissioner: Balance the Budget with Guns!

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Personally, I think making everyone own a gun is just another form of taxation. But, he does make a point. If you shoot anyone who threatens you dead, taxes would be lower. Right?

It is actually very simple.

hat tip Rachel/Laura

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20 thoughts on “Johnny Herndon for County Commissioner: Balance the Budget with Guns!

  1. As a Canadian I have a hard time understanding the 2nd amendment mentality…..

    Umm … honestly sounds like he’s a hairs away from supporting armed vigilantism to save law enforcement the work.

  2. Self Defense is a fundamental right, especially when law enforcement may not be here for 30 minutes.

  3. Just don’t – I repeat – DON’T wear a hoody – when other folk are packin’ !!!!!!!!

    Wearing a hoody, though IS even ceeper than buyin’ a gun !!!!

  4. Does that sign behind him REALLY say “Cling to our guns and bibles!”?

    How the hell do you parody these people? How??

  5. So when the government says I have to buy health insurance I can’t afford its an encroachment on my rights….

    but when the government says I have to buy a gun its?????

  6. I have a question for those who want to go armed; When do you shoot? Is it when you see someone with a gun? or is it after someone uses it? Think carefully before answering, for you may be killing yourself

  7. Gun ownership is severely restricted in England and Wales.

    In the U.S. for 2006, there were 30,896 deaths from firearms, distributed as follows by mode of death: Suicide 16,883; Homicide 12,791; Accident 642; Legal Intervention 360; Undetermined 220.
    The Internet Pathology Laboratory
    for Medical Education

    The University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library

    According to Home Office figures, there were 59 firearms-related homicides in 2006-07 in England & Wales.

    US Population – c. 300,000,000
    England & Wales Population – c. 55,000,000

    (59/55m) x 300m = 322

    12791/322 = 39.7

    Conclusions: –

    1) There are 40 times as many firearms homicides per 1,000 of population in the US as in England & Wales.

    2) Johnny Herndon is wrong.

  8. Obviously this does not apply in my country but I have a question about yours.

    I have read about children being accidentally killed by guns, almost every American newspaper seems to carry a story of the type – police shoot-out at … see page 3. But my question is – does anyone ever successfully defend themselves with a gun? As I say, we don’t have much experience of this sort of thing but, during the troubles in Northern Ireland, soldiers would go out on patrol, not only armed but in groups, everyone looking in a different direction for the least sign of movement in case of attack – do your 2nd Amendment people go about like this? Surely, if someone wants to rob you and they know that everyone is armed, they will kill you first – that way they get a free gun as a bonus. How will this man get on when he is old a feeble? Will he just sit at home with his gun across his knees?

    1. Alan there are examples of people defending themselves successfully, but they are rare. I have a relative who is a gun dealer, he quit shooting in matches after he shot himself in the leg. The round entered exited re entered and exited. I managed not to snicker, but the paranoia runs deep within the NRA.
      There are posters out, showing “your daughter is here” and a few blocks away is “a police officer is here” in her path is “a rapist is here” then a picture of a cell phone, a gun, an automatic, with the question which of these will save your daughter. I answered the person who posted it with none, but at least my daughter would not have armed her rapist.

  9. Stevarious @5: It says “Clinging to our guns and bibles”. Yes.

    A few years ago I read up on the “more guns, less crime” reasoning Herndon advocates, and the statistical basis was poor, to say the least.

  10. Good gravy, one would hope the police wouldn’t just not bother to show up to the scene of a shooting of a human being just because the guy on the phone claims to be the homeowner.

  11. Ummmmmmm………. I am pro gun and even carry but this dude is ridiculous. The cops still have to respond and investigate even a lawful shooting. Normally it still goes to some sort of trial ( at least here in MN.) So where is the tax savings??? Why do most of the outspoken ” Gun Nuts” have to be idiots?

  12. Alan, there are one or two accidental shootings a day in the US, and a handful of cases a year of anything like defense, many of which are highly questionable. So, the more guns, the more accidental. Shootings and the more defense, but the first rises more quickly than the second.

  13. Ned @ 15 —

    I think that pretty much says it all about the NRA attitude. “The bad guys” are always practically a separate species (who can, y’know, be identified by sight…not that the NRA would ever suggest that anyone who doesn’t look like “us” is a likely criminal, of course!), and such threats always come from a completely separate evil underclass separate from “law-abiding” society. The PR tries to play down that attitude, but ask a few questions regarding threat identification and it comes bubbling back out.

  14. The best thing about demanding gun rights for law abiding citizens, is that until a hardened criminal commits a crime, they are a law abiding citizen. Everyone is a law abiding citizen. Until they aren’t.

    If you only arm the law abiders, then no criminals get guns! Except for those that switch teams and the police.

  15. Stevarious

    Does that sign behind him REALLY say “Cling to our guns and bibles!”?

    How the hell do you parody these people? How??

    Develop a gun that has a camera, computer & laser etcher, the camera takes a shot of the person they’re planning to shoot, the computer rapidly analyses the scene for key points & selects an appropriate bible verse (to explain why they have to die) which the laser etcher burns onto the surface of the bullet before firing

    2 men holding hands: Leviticus 20:13
    Child with a slightly disrespectful look on his face: Deuteronomy 21:20-21
    Crop-rotating farmer wearing a poly/cotton shirt: Deuteronomy 22:11

    Sad thing is, I can see orders rolling in for that…

  16. Drivebyposter

    Actually it’s better then that, technically they are an upstanding citizen until they’re convicted. Remember: If no-one knows that you did it, you didn’t do it… 😉

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