Ooops: Mitt Romney speaking off camera with Sean Hannity

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This is interesting. A Fox Employee has started releasing secret videos. Here’s one:

Only a brave man would wear a pink tie? So, is he anti-gay or a coward!?!?

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out that they were talking about horses and not dogs. Or were they talking about both? I tell ya, the 1% seem to have a language all their own sometimes.

The story of how this video came to be is very interesting and is detailed here at Rachel Maddow’s Blog.

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12 thoughts on “Ooops: Mitt Romney speaking off camera with Sean Hannity

  1. Shrug.

    This actually humanized Romney a bit for me. Yeah, okay, it doesn’t exactly help his image problem that he was going on about the advantages and disadvantages of different horse breeds, but seriously, I know people who are not rich who have one expensive hobby in particular that they are just as passionate about as this. Yeah, Romney can indulge in this without being passionate about it, but we already knew that. I’m not parsing this as him talking about wiping his ass with gold leaf toilet paper, I’m parsing it as him having an open moment of talking about leisure time with his family. You don’t have to be as rich as Romney to own horses, y’know…

    I guess the pink tie thing was mildly off-putting, but really, if that were the most homophobic thing Romney or Hannity had ever said, that would be a tremendous improvement!

    This is a big yawn for me. Sorry.

  2. I guess to put it another way… if I had never heard of Mitt Romney before, and you showed me this clip and asked me to describe my first impressions, I would describe someone who was less rich, less homophobic, less contemptuous of the poor than the image Romney has been projecting during the primary. This is clearly a rich guy, but not necessarily Romney-level rich if all you had to go on was this clip.

    When I saw the title of the post, I was all excited, but this is sort of a let-down. I was hoping to hear Romney saying something like, “By Jove, one of my horses had a blemish on her ear last night, so I shot her. Realizing the old girl was my last horse (having already shot the others I purchased this week for similar imperfections), I commanded my servant to allow me to ride him into the equestrian area, but can you believe it, the stubborn knave refused it! I had to beat him several times with my quirt before he acquiesced. It is so hard to get good help!” Instead, it’s just a guy talking about how his daughter is eager to get home to see her horse. Meh. I know a frikkin’ veterinarian who is “rich” enough to have that conversation. Don’t get me wrong; I only wish I was that well off. But owning horses does not make one scandalously rich. Being Mitt Romney does.

  3. Not liking pink ties is not homophobic. Just good sense. He comes across like a real human and is sensible enough to not wear a pink tie.

    Maybe there is something to him after all….

  4. So what? I think you could get a lot more mileage out of Newt Gingrich’s bounced check than this video.

  5. I know folks who own horses, they don’t own the type that Romney does. It’s the difference between a nice full sized sedan and a luxury car.

    OTOH, I agree this is largely humanizing for him. He’s so robot-awful the rest of the time.

  6. I know folks who own horses, they don’t own the type that Romney does. It’s the difference between a nice full sized sedan and a luxury car.

    Yeah, the only time we sounded all richy-rich was when discussing the various breeds. I don’t know much about horses, but from hearing him talk I am not surprised to hear you say that.

    Still… “Breaking News: Romney family owns expensive horses; likes to ride them” is not exactly an eye-grabbing headline…

  7. This discussion whould have way more interesting if mittens was discussing horses with a French chef.

  8. Is there something inherently wrong with being rich? How you got to be rich, maybe. How you treat people, definitely.

    If he was bragging about how much he spent on the horses, I’d see your point. But just the fact that a rich guy has an expensive hobby, not really.

    I actually found the part where he said he stayed in a little cheaper hotel to save money a point in his favor. If your really a conservative, you don’t always have to stay in the most expensive place in town.

    This won’t make me vote for him but if he could look this relaxed and human more often he’d have a better chance of winning.

  9. I give Romney point for thanking someone by name just for handing him some water. Yeah, he may be out of touch with the little people’s lives but he is a decent human being. I have found him to be the least scary Republican presidential candidate since Ford.

  10. Hmmm … recent news reports have it that George Zimmerman has also been enjoying off-the-record talks with Sean Hannity.

    Real reporters have often served as in-betweeners for confidential negotiations, so that may also be possible for False Noise people.

    And we know that Romney probably wants a running mate from the south, some say preferably one with Latino roots.


  11. Whoever leaked this is clearly a Republican, Romney looks like a decent bloke in this clip. Rich but careful with his money, friendly and pleasant.

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