Zimmerman Not Arrested Yet for Murder of Trayvon Martin

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A protest is scheduled for today:

On Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 9AM, some students from FAMU and FSU will be gathering on the Set at FAMU’s campus to rally for Justice in the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Students will be gathering to spread awareness on the case, but also demand Gov. Scott take lead to make sure justice is served in this state for the family of Trayvon Martin.

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2 thoughts on “Zimmerman Not Arrested Yet for Murder of Trayvon Martin

  1. I have little hope of FLA charging him. I do hope the feds step in and charge him with violating Martin’s Civil Rights.

  2. I see all these things happening and people getting all upset yet the REAL issue behind all this is NEVER discussed or dealt with. Yes, I believe that George was very wrong in what he did, I believe he was looking for trouble and that if he was not there Trayvon would have made it home safely. I believe George should never walk the streets again and if found competent should recieve the death penalty ( my belief), but I also think that Trayvon, his family, and all of the black community should take a huge cut of the blame. I became a foster parent in 1992 and a treatment foster parent in 1997. I have had black foster children from some of the roughest areas in my state. These kids were precious gifts! But it pained me to see what was really going on in the black community. THese kids had NO idea about owning your own home ( they thought EVERYONE had a landlord!) they had no concept of family and often stole from each other ( many were related to each other), to them if it was yours and if you looked away and they slid the possesion in front of them, it was their’s, period. Working for a living and saving for retirement was foreign to them. They thought to be cool you had to talk “black” or “ghetto”, that talking intelligent was “white”, that you had to wear brand new $100 tennis shoes all the time, at ANY expense, even if it meant going to jail. Its cool to them to have a dozen babies and babie’s mommas, not even sure of the true paternity. There was ABSLOUTELY NO CONCEPT OF OR THOUGHT OF HOW THESE BABIES WOULD BE SUPPORTED!!! NONE!! The babies mommas got it from the state or something, they said! And , sadly, even they noticed on tv that nearly 100% of the criminals caught on tv ( torturing animals to death on ASPCA shows,stealing cars in Bait Car show, or getting caught on COPS ) are blacks. The prison populations are mostly all black, so yes, blacks are going to be treated like criminals if the majority are. They still harp about slavery but what about those of us whose family’s were indentured slaves? What about those of us who watch our mothers and fathers work their fingers to the bone and die before retirement so they could spend their whole lives being slaves to taxes to pay for blacks who are not working,in courts or prisons we pay for, have no health insurance, and keep making babies??? Its high time the black community takes responsibility for its actions and straightens up its act! Teach your children by example, get a job, use contraception – THERE IS NO REASON FOR UNWANTED PREGNANCIES in today’s world! Talk intelligent, learn what really happened to the black community ( did you know that when the Black Panthers were protesting non-violently and making head-way that it was the government that tossed drugs into the mix to get the blacks to kill and fight each other and stop the forward movement of the Panthers? I bet you didnt!.) I love my black foster kids dearly, but they need to make some changes for themselves and take responsibility. I am very proud my kids were able to figure it out. Oh, yeah, and they said to tell you that if you want to be called African American ( my kids told me they are black AMERICANS) that you have to call me German/Polish/native american! Trayvon, I am sorry you were taken so soon and will miss a chance at all the things life can offer, but maybe, just maybe, someone out there in the black community will love you enough to start making the changes so your life will not have been in vain. XXXOOO honey! Julie J.

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